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Wednesday, May 5, 2021

New Release Book Review: A Twist of Night and Day by Aubrey Winters


Title: A Twist of Night and Day (Asteria Chronicles #1)

Author: Aubrey Winters

Genre: Fantasy

About the book: Never trust a faerie... No matter what we say.

He hated me, and I hated him. I was perfectly fine with that until one night changed everything.

His entire family was murdered before his very eyes--and despite how much I hated him, I couldn't let him die. Now, we're on a mission to hunt down one of the deadliest Elder fae creatures that ever existed.

If we fail? All of Asteria could be in danger.

If we win? I'll end up working for my enemy.
 (from Goodreads)

My Thoughts: First off- I think this is a gorgeous cover - I know that is a snake twisting through the crown - but it is a purple snake!  
Astrid and Castiel have spent the last 50 years in school together - with him tormenting her every chance he got. While she was half-human and considered even worse than lesser fae (even though her mother was the Queen of the Night Court), he was a Princeling of the Day Court and was condescending and mean.  But maybe looks can be deceiving.  

Astrid and Castiel spend a week together on a mission to kill an Elder - The Forescua Serpent - but first they must find it.  

I loved the back and forth between the two main characters - especially when Castiel would call Astrid "flower".  In my mind it insinuates beauty but weakness - and Astrid may be self-conscious of her heritage, but she is anything but weak.  There is good character development throughout the book and we get to see both Astrid and Castiel grow.  The ending made me laugh and I was like "WHAAAAT??"  Looking forward to book two!!

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