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Monday, September 29, 2008

September Short Story Challenge

Hey - read 4 short stories for the challenge this month - One was from Strange Highways by Dean Koontz - It was called "The Black Pumpkin". Normal scary story - kid meets creepy guy at pumpkin patch carving pumpkins (you get what you give) - brother buys creepy pumpkin - family gets killed by creepy pumpkin come to life. Very predictable story but fun for this time of year.

Also read 3 by Margo Lanagan out of Red Spikes. Couldn't really get into more than this from her. "Baby Jane" was probably the most fun to read of the three. Small army men like toys come to life - a queen, a servant and a bear. Queen is in labor - boy helps deliver baby. Queen gives him baby to take care of while they go back to fight creatures from boys nightmares.. Then there was "Monkey's Paternoster" - couldn't decide whether this was really supposed to be about monkey's or not - Leader of the pack was dying and there was a struggle for who was going to be the new leader (or bachelor) - just a weird read. The last one was "A Good Heart" which was just a sad story. Boy meets girl - Girl weds another - somewhere inbetween has a baby and either it dies, or she lets it die in woods - Boy discovers secret and keeps it because he loves her so.

Well, that is probably all of the short stories that I will be able to read for the month!


Unknown said...

Thanks for joining in. You might even win a prize. Dakota will pick the winners tomorrow.

Wendy said...

Thanks for joining in with the 5 Under 35 Challenge! I look forward to hearing your thoughts on the books as you begin to read them!


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