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Sunday, September 26, 2010

Viruses and Spam!

This was me for much of this week!  I got a mother-of-a-virus on my system that left me pretty much immobilized!  Whenever I tried to remove the application causing the problem, it would tell me the program that I was using to remove it had a virus!  Very frustrating!  This has put me tremendously behind (no posts in six days!) and I have a stack of books next to me waiting for reviews - not to mention my mailbox post.  Aaarrgghhh.  Then, I finally get back on line today (thanks to my ex-husband, the computer tech - good thing we are still friends!) only to find mucho spam on my blog.  I love the spam catcher that blogspot is using because ever since I participated in the blogfest a couple of weeks, my spam has exploded!  Any body else dealing with this?  Well, just wanted to updated why I had been away, and hope to get back on track!  Happy weekend and happy reading!

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