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Saturday, February 5, 2011

Fun with Frito Lay!

I am sitting here making my grocery list for our family Super Bowl Party tomorrow (nothing like waiting for the last minute - right?) and I am going to be sure to pick up some extra Frito Lay Chips and Pretzels!

I received this great pack from them awhile back (ignore the date in the pic - have to reset my camera! lol)  - it included Lightly Salted Lays Potato Chips, Sun Chips, and Tostitos Scoops as well as a Frito Lay water bottle, clip and Reusable Grocery Bag. 

I probably would not have picked up a bag of Lightly Salted Lays Potato Chips because when I want chips it is usually because I am craving salt. (Their Classic Lays Potato Chips have about the same amount of sodium as a slic of white bread - so these would be equal to a 1/2 slice of white bread!)  I am so glad that I got to try these, because they were great.  You still get the salt taste with just a portion of the salt!  These will definitely find their way to our grocery cart again. 

I had tried Sun Chips many years ago when they first came out, and had forgotten how good they were.  Now that my kids are getting older, they also like the Sun Chips.  The neat thing about them now was the 100% Compostable Package.  It makes a lot of noise, so you won't be able to sneak them! - but it just felt like a very light weight tinfoil - and how great is it that it is 100% Compostable??!!  Frito-Lay manufacturing plants are also reusing their shipping cartons up to six times before recycling them, helping reduce cardboard waste.  They continue to take measures to try to divert at least 99 percent of waste from landfills.

The Scoops we are saving for tomorrow - after we pick up some Tostitos Salsa!

Here are some other cool things I have learned since joining their Be Snack Ready page on Facebook:

· Frito-Lay starts with fresh, farm-grown ingredients, making many of our chips with just three simple ingredients: potatoes or corn, all-natural oils and salt.

· We were the first major food company to remove partially hydrogenated oils from our cooking oil way back in 2003. That means our chips have 0 grams trans fat because we use all-natural oils such as corn oil and sunflower oil.

· Many varieties of our chips provide whole grains like Tostitos® snacks, which contain 8 grams of whole grain corn per serving, and SunChips®, which brings 18 grams of whole grain per serving to your diet! SunChips® are also a good source of fiber.

· Frito-Lay supports American farmers and buys the potatoes used to make our potato chips from 80+ farms across 27 states.

So be sure to pick up some chips for your next get together - or be honest - just pick them up for you!


Anonymous said...

Love this! Your dad was a Frito Lay Ambassador & so are you!

Suzanne said...

It's true that you learn something new every day! I like the fact that Frito-Lay buys their potatoes from farms in the USA!

bermudaonion said...

I think I read that they've stopped making that compostable package because consumers complained about how noisy they were.


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