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Friday, March 18, 2011

Seduced by Destiny by Kira Morgan (Book Review)

Title: Seduced by Destiny
Author: Kira Morgan
Publisher: Grand Central Publishing


All her life, Josselin Ancrum has been trained for combat, hoping to exact vengeance for her heroic mother, who was killed fighting the English.  When asked to spy for the Scottish Queen, Jossy joyfully accepts.  But when a handsome stranger rescues her from sudden danger, his charm distracts her from her mission.


On the surface, Drew MacAdam may appear to be nothing more than a carefree champion, but his heart harbors a dark secret:  This Highland hero is actually a skilled English soldier with a hatred for war and for the Scottish.  Yet from the moment he meets the feisty Jossy, he's captured by her fiercely loyal heart.  He's determined the honey-haired lass will be his ultimate prize -- until the tragedy of their entwined legacies is revealed.  Are these star-crossed lovers to be divided by their pasts? Or will they be . . .  Seduced by Destiny.

My thoughts: I thought this was a fun book to read.  On one hand, it was a typical Highlander romance with "star-crossed lovers", enemies and duels - but it also had a champion --  golfer.  I know, golf is said to have originated in Scotland, but I never thought I would run into it in a historical romance!  To me, this gave the book a sense of humor as well.

Jossy and Drew had both been orphaned as children by the same war.  Drew's father had killed Jossy's mother out of mercy on the battlefield.  But he still felt guilty so went home and killed himself.  Drew is raised by his 3 uncles, and Jossy is raised by the 3 men who found her mother on the battlefield and brought her home. She calls them her 3 dads.  Years later Jossy and Drew meet in Scotland.  Drew is posing as a Highlander so that he can play golf - at which he is very good.  Jossy, by being in the right place at the right time, has been enlisted as a spy for the Queen.  She starts working as a beer wench with a beer cart on the local golf courses.  It is inevitable that their paths would continue to cross.

Jossy was really headstrong, which I liked about her.  It gave her some fire to survive in some of the predicaments she found herself in.  She was also fiercely loyal to things she loved, regardless of the consequences.  Drew was fun-loving and always seemed to deal with each situation with humor.  He wasn't beyond setting up his golf partners by betting them drinks per hole, and then losing the hole, only to get them drunk enough that he won the game easily in the end. Where Jossy was all about revenge for her mother and war - Drew did not have a stomach for fighting, and even though was a master swordsman, rarely did he draw his sword. Opposites attract as they say, and these two were in a relationship before they knew what had hit them. 

~I received a complimentary copy of this book from Hachette in exchange for my review.~

You can read an excerpt from Seduced by Destiny at Kira Morgan's website, as well as subscribing to her newsletter.  You can also connect with her on Facebook and Twitter.

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Seduced by Destiny
Publisher/Publication Date: Grand Central Publishing - March 1, 2011
ISBN: 978-0-446-54817-5
352 pages

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