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Sunday, April 17, 2011


Okay, here is my once in awhile post about needlepoint, that makes this blog Books and Needlepoint.  I belong to the Lake County Chapter of the American Needlepoint Guild.  Every year, for those who want to participate, we bring in three "unfinished objects" of needlepoint - or UFO's.  The group then votes on which one we should try to have done by the following year. 

Below are the pictures of what each individual will be working on this year.  There are a couple of pictures missing, as I am hoping to take those tomorrow night and add them to this post.  My goal is to update everybody on the progress throughout the year, and hopefully shame myself into working on my own!  (lol)

Oh - we are penalized if we don't finish and have to pay a monetary fee into the kitty.  There is a prize drawing for anyone who does finish. . . though there hasn't been a lot of competition for this in the past! 

I will start with my own - it is a piece called Solar Flare designed by Ro Pace.  I took her class a couple of years ago, and love the piece, but can honestly say I haven't worked on it since. 

Solar Flare - KH

I don't have a lot of details for the other pieces, so I will just show the pictures and the stitcher's initials.  I am not sure how the other guild members would feel about their names being posted.

House - LD

Mystery in a Corner - TH

Patterns of the Orient - CMcE
She also has another one she is working on for a pilot class for seminar next year - I didn't know if I could show the picture in "public" or not so if I can I will add it!

Purse - VF

Tlaquepaque #1 - JR

I don't know what this one is called - CS

I will add pictures of the following items as I get them:

Through the Garden Gate - BJ

?? - DC

Patterns of the Orient and/or Trick or Treat Kids - JH

Happy Stitching!

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bermudaonion said...

Will the one called purse be made into a purse when it's done? Good luck on completing yours!


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