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Saturday, July 16, 2011

Power. . .Bliss

Well, after 3 1/2 days without power, our lights finally came back on Thursday evening.  We were one of the victims of the vicious wind storm that came through our area on Monday morning.  The week went something like this.

I stayed up late on Sunday night watching movies with my daughter, so when my husband called me a few minutes before 8AM on Monday morning I was just reaching consciousness.  All he said was "Big wind coming your way," - which translated to "Go get the pool noodles and toys off the pool so they don't blow away."  Well I jumped out of bed as I could already hear the wind picking up and dressed as I made my way downstairs.  It took three grabs to get everything off the pool and into the shed.  As I headed back to the house, my son yelled to me to get his hula hoop out of his play set, so I turned back and grabbed it. 

I got into the house and had just grabbed a towel to dry off when the wind really started - I walked to the window in time to see the branches coming down into the yard where I had just been.  I picked up the phone to call my husband back and the power went out. So even after 3 1/2 days without power, I am thankful for that 1 minute I had to spare before the storm really hit.

(I think you can make the picture bigger if you click on it.)

This is the picture that I took with my phone soon after it was over.  To put it into better context - it is an 18 foot diameter pool - 4 foot high - so you can get an idea on the size of the branches.  The wind also took one of those metal plant hangers that you stick in the ground and bent it until it was touching the ground.  I can't find the camera that I took other pictures with!

So - the rest of the week passed in sort of a blur.  Why is it that when you don't have power the world stops?  My family acted like they couldn't even see during the day - dishes piled up in the sink, dirty towels and clothes were left on the bathroom floor (and there is a skylight in addition to the window in the bathroom - so there was plenty of light!) It drove me crazy!  I was going to bed so early that I would wake up achy because of too much sleep!

I spent the day Wednesday throwing out all the food in our fridge and upright freezer.  I took the opportunity to remove all the shelves and bins and wash everything down.  Considering I don't think I have ever cleaned the freezer part of the fridge, it was time.  I don't think it has been this clean since we bought it! 

I hated losing all the food, but some of it should have been tossed before now.  I have a hard time throwing food out, even if there isn't much of a chance that someone is going to eat it.  Do you ever have stuff in your freezer like that?  Like Jose Ole Taquitos that I am sure I bought for a New Year's Eve finger food night, and only about half got eaten.  They were probably extremely freezer burnt, but you never know when someone will want a stale taquito!  Or a free Market Day Apple Pie that I kept saying I was going to defrost and have for dessert - for at least a year. . .  

The good news is, the power is back - our house was not damaged - nobody was hurt - and my refrigerator is clean!  Now maybe I can get back to catching up on reviews!  I was so far behind before and now it is worse! 

Happy reading everyone!


Michelle @ The True Book Addict said...

Glad to hear that there was no serious damage and that everyone is safe. I feel for you being without power. We had an ice storm here in Nashville when I was in my mid-twenties. Pre-internet days and I wasn't much of a TV watcher back then. I just read a lot. So, when the power was out for 2 or 3 days, I read by candlelight at night. Boy, nowadays I'm not sure I could survive not being plugged in...lol! Maybe if it happened now, it would help me to realize that I could handle being unplugged for a few days at a time. A blessing in disguise?! Anyway, I digress. So glad that all is well on your end. =O)

Beth(bookaholicmom) said...

We got hit by both the June 30th storm and this one. The first storm we were without power for days. It was not fun! My sister is a letter carrier and she has people on her route still without power as of Saturday night. Those guys from other states who came into help restore power sure were amazing. They got the job done.
And just why is it kids can't seem to pick up when the power is out? I had the same issue. I hope the rest of our summer is storm free! I am glad your life is returning to normal.

Renee said...

check your homeowners' policy. Our power was out in April during/after the tornadoes in AL.... we were able toget our food replaced with no deductible payment

bermudaonion said...

Wow, it's tough to be without power that long! I'm glad everyone's fine and there was no big damage.


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