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Friday, February 10, 2012

The Hunger Games Read-a-long (Feb 12 - Mar 23)

I have never had much success with read-a-longs - but I am going to try another one.  This is a movie that I really want to see, and I like to read the book before I see the movie - otherwise, I don't have as much incentive to read the book because I already know what happens!

Here's the information that you need to know:
1. The reading officially begins February 12 and the Read Along will conclude on March 23, 2012. To sign up please create a sign up post and link to that post at Not Your Momma's Book Blog.

2. Each week on Sunday please post a discussion post of what you have read so far (your thoughts, feelings, etc. about what you've read of the book so far), there will be a couple of discussion questions posted on each Sunday to provide some inspiration if you need it. NOTE: If you read ahead please do NOT post your discussion post early to prevent spoilers.

3. Visit host blog on Sundays and link up your discussion post.

4. At the end of the Read-a-long there will be a prize!

5. If you have any questions you can email host at notyourmothersbookblog@yahoo.com. Please put "The Hunger Games Read Along" in the subject line.

The Reading Schedule:
Part 1 "Tributes"
Chapters 1-4 (1, 2, 3 & 4).....February 12-19
Chapters 5-9 ......February 19-26

Part 2 "The Games"
Chapters 10-14.....February 26-March 4
Chapters 15-18.....March 4-March 11

Part 3 "The Victor"
Chapter 19-22....March 11-March 18
Chapters 23-27.....March 18-March 23

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