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Monday, May 14, 2012

It's Monday! What are you reading? (May 14, 2012)

What are you reading on Mondays is hosted by Sheila at One Person's Journey - You can hook up with the Mr. Linky there with your own post - but be sure and let me know what you are reading too! 

Currently reading: 

Books I need to finish:  (I decided to add a new category for those books that seem to languish from week to week!)  I seem to keep starting books and not finishing them. . .   I need to get out of this trend!
Blood Orchids by Toby Neal

Upcoming books:
The Big Fun Sexy Sex Book by Lisa Rinni
The Body in the Boudoir by Katherine Hall Page

Bathroom Book:

Books read and reviewed since last week:

Books read but need to be reviewed:

Until next week ----  Ready - Set - Read!


rbooth43 said...

I just finished reading a great paranormal love story, Mimi Barbour has written in HIS DEVIOUS ANGEL!
I would like to tell the potential reader just one scene combined in the love story of Sadie and Liam is an Angel who is seen only by Liam.
DOGS! DOGS! DOGS! The dog walking scene had me laughing so hard that my niece asked what I was reading, so I read the complete scene to her and that she was rolling on the floor, laughing so hard that she used up her breath and her stomach was hurting from the laughter. I was doing the same except rolling on the floor because i was reading to her. The dogs and Liam's shenanigans were amazing!
Here is a small blurb:
"Eating his own words didn't come easy to him. Begging didn't either, but by the time he'd walked the first pack for one block, had been tripped and almost upended, had the chains wrapped around his legs so he'd had to sit down on the sidewalk in order to get loose, and stopped a dozen times to undo leashes and rearrange their order, he'd begun to worry. The final straw came during one of the leash removals when the smallest in the group, Peppi the Pomeranian, had taken the opportunity to break loose. After he'd chased him three blocks before catching the poufy-haired little bugger, he knew he needed to listen.
The fact that Johnny-come-lately witnessed his disgrace didn't help, either. By the time Liam got back to where Sadie had the dogs properly behaving as they all waited for his return, he was hot under the collar and felt pretty dawn foolish. To see the devil glinting from the angel's eyes didn't help the situation whatsoever."
My niece now wants to read HIS DEVIOUS ANGEL too.
This love story between Sadie and Liam has all the elements, an accident, the birth of a baby, the dog-walking, thievery,help from a policeman, and of course, the Angel. This romance story was so entertaining, can't-put-down, very humorous.
HIS DEVIOUS ANGEL will captivate readers that are dog lovers, reading Sadie and Liam's great sex interludes, family conflicts and dramas that will keep the reader enthralled from the first page to the last page and wanting more. The ending of the book has an intriguing suspenseful surprising twist.
I am now a big fan of Mimi Barbour's writing and surely will read any books of hers. If you want a book that is worth getting, HIS DEVIOUS ANGEL is that book.

bermudaonion said...

You need to finish Bloom! I'm anxious to get to it so I'd love to know what you think.


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