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Wednesday, June 27, 2012

Summer Fit First to Second Grade (Book Review)

Title: Summer Fit First to Second Grade: Prepare First Graders Mentally, Physically and Socially for Second Grade
Author: Kelly Terrill
Publisher: Summer Fit Learning

About the Book:  Summer Fit is a new summer workbook series designed to keep children academically and physically engaged between grade levels.  Summer Fit uses an active and values-based approach to summer learning.

Research shows that the more children play outside the classroom, the better children perform inside the classroom.  Written by some of today's most energetic and engaged educators, Summer Fit creates an active learning environment using physical and academic exercises.  Grade-appropriate activities focus on reading, writing, language arts and math, while incorporating physical fitness exercises on a daily basis.  To reinforce and teach core-values, Summer Fit includes values-based activities highlighting some of the world's most inspiring leaders and humanitarians such as Abraham Lincoln, Mother Teresa, Rosa Parks, Terry Fox and Mahatma Gandhi.

Each Summer Fit workbook includes a 10-week motivational calendar to help you create a routine, give children choices and reward both academic and physical accomplishments.

Summer Fit includes:

  • Daily activities and exercises for a 10-week program.
  • Weekly values-based activities that inspire children and teach core values.
  • FREE downloads to provide extra challenge in reading, writing, and math.
  • Bicycle maintenance and safety activities by Mike and The Bike.
  • Reading and mathematics activities based on national standards.
  • On-line videos to show children how to properly perform fitness exercises.
  • Activities and exercises that progress in difficulty so children are not overwhelmed.

My thoughts: This is a great book to keep your kids involved in learning in the summer. I chose to review the First to Second Grade as that is the age of my son right now.  The daily assignments are pretty quick to finish and are spot on as to grade level. There is a variety so he doesn't get bored.  I like the incentive charts also as that lets him earn some fun rewards.  (In his case this might be an evening at the pool or a movie with his sister - but it can also be as easy as a sundae with his choice of toppings.)  The daily work starts out with some physical stuff too -- like Hula Hoop, Jump Rope or Ankle Touches.  You are also given a website were you can go above and beyond the daily stuff for something a little more challenging.

If you are looking for something to keep your kids engaged this summer, they have workbooks that cover Preschool-Kindergarten up through 4th-5th grade. I highly recommend this series.  The toughest challenge I have had is getting mine to sit down long enough!

~ I received a complimentary copy of Summer Fit from Media Guests in exchange for my review.~

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