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Tuesday, November 6, 2012

Taking a Break (Former Stick Post from 10/21/12)

After much deliberation, I have decided to take a break from reviewing books - well, not really take a break, but just slowing down. I have been suffering from some eye strain with occassional migraines. I have also discovered that reading has become a chore for me lately and not enjoyable. I don't ever want reading to not be enjoyable. Lately rather than read anything, I find myself avoiding books entirely - to the extent that I am shirking my responsibility in reading with my kids. I do not like this at all.

So, while I will still write reviews, they are not going to be on any schedule. Plain and simple, I am just burnt out. I will do my best to review all those books that publishers and authors have so generously shared with me, but I will also be reading anything that strikes my fancy, and I will be slowing down those reviews. I apologize in advance to those tours that I have booked that I may not be able to post on my review day.

You see, my name is Kristi, and I am a bookaholic. I find it hard to pass up books as I usually enjoy reading just about anything. I have not been allowing myself to even open up emails with book offers lately, as I have enough to keep me busy for many months into the future. With that being said, I am keeping them all in a file so that at sometime in the future I may be able to give those wonderful authors and books some sort of shout out or tweet.

So while you will still see me around the blogosphere, and I will probably still run contests (so that my house can breathe again!), I am taking a break from just reviewing.


The Book Chick said...

Enjoy your break! I think that most of us have been through this at one time or another. I went through a similar period myself and in the end I just ended up slowing down my pace permanently (although I still review one book a week or so). It was a much needed change and I am enjoying blogging again!

Vicki said...

I understand how you feel, been feeling that way a little bit too.

Take care and enjoy your break and freedom from worrying about getting reviews posted!


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