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Thursday, March 7, 2013

Blog Tour: In My Sights by L.J. Garland and Debbie Gould

Blog Tour of In My Sights by L.J. Garland and Debbie Gould is hosted by Sizzling PR.

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In My Sights
A 1Night Stand Story
Pararescuemen Series – Book 2

Six months ago, Siobhan Cantrell’s world was changed forever by a sniper’s bullet. The incident transformed her from a secure confident woman to a recluse, afraid to leave her own home. When her friends urge her to re-enter the world of the living, they suggest Madame Eve’s 1Night Stand dating service. Nervous, she signs up and learns the company is renown for in-depth background checks and safe encounters. So, how dangerous could it be?
Sergeant Bobby Martin has witnessed Madame Eve’s magic firsthand. His teammate found true love through her service. Still a skeptic but giving in to peer pressure, the Air Force Pararescueman signs himself up. When he meets Siobhan, his doubts fly out the window—unfortunately bullets start flying in them. Determined to protect her from a sniper that won’t give up, Bobby vows to keep her safe. As their chemistry ramps up, so does the sniper’s attempts.
Can Bobby keep Siobhan alive, or will the killer catch them in his sights?

~AMAZON~        ~ARe~          ~SMASHWORDS~          ~BARNES & NOBLE~

Siobhan entered the large suite and glanced around. She’d used every ounce of strength she possessed to walk through the front doors of the hotel and into the dining room. But with Bobby standing behind her, the fine hairs on the back of her neck that had irritated her all evening, eased.
She strode through the room, flipping on lights, checking the bathroom. When she slid the shower curtain back, she stopped herself. What the hell am I doing?
Turning, she caught her reflection in the mirror, the scar on her temple a permanent reminder of everything she’d lost. The sniper had taken so much from her. But did that mean she had to lose her future, too?
By talking her into contacting Madame Eve, her friends had given her a second chance at getting some semblance of control again. And what am I doing? Looking over my shoulder, watching the balcony for shooters, and checking the bathtub for the damn bogeyman while a hot-blooded, gorgeous man is waiting in the bedroom.
And damn it, she wanted to quit hiding in the shadows. If she could survive that day six months ago, then she was damn well done cowering in fear. Hadn’t the bastard taken enough from her? In the past, she’d never shied away from her sexual side. She’d embraced it.
The past six months had been damn lonely. Time to take control again. Starting with the sexy Bobby Martin.
She turned to leave the bathroom and came smack up against a hard male body. He reached out to steady her as she stumbled.
“You okay?”
She pressed her palms on his chest in an attempt to recover her equilibrium—and what a chest. All hard, sculpted muscle. “Uh, yeah, I was just––”
“Looking for the bad guy?” He chuckled.
Heat rushed up her neck and claimed her face. “That obvious, huh?”
Taking her hands in his, he led her into the bedroom. “It’s what I do. If I can’t recognize someone clearing a room, I have no business in Special Ops.”
He tugged her against him, and she had to stop herself from swooning. The men she used to date were nothing close to Bobby. Sure, they’d been fit, but not like this man. He radiated strength and unadulterated male. Something that couldn’t be bottled if you tried. Pure down-and-dirty sex—she tilted her head and eyed him—yet something more.
He gave the impression he actually cared. After listening to her story downstairs, he’d understood immediately how uncomfortable she’d been, sitting in the open dining room, and had gotten her the heck out of there.
She could get used to a man like him. Except tonight would be a one-night stand—something she intended to take full advantage of. Slipping her hands under his shirt, she let her fingers glide up the rock hard abs and sculpted chest until her fingers brushed over his nipples.
His grip tightened on her arms, and his gaze darkened with lust. “Damn.”
A thrill shot through her at the reaction she’d produced, and as she stared up at him, desire coiled low in her body.
“Look, I’m not gonna lie to you.” He loosened his hold on her while he perused her face, settling on her mouth. “I wasn’t sure about this one-night thing to start with, but after seeing you…well, I can definitely follow through. No problem.” He shifted his attention to her eyes, the naked heat swirling in his baby blues causing her breath to catch. “But after what all you told me, I want you to know I get it. We can play this thing any way you want. Fast. Slow. Or I can just hold you.” He trailed his fingers up and down her arms, sending delicious tingles along her skin. “Though I’ll admit, that’s not my first choice.”
She stared at him. God, he was such a gentleman. Without hesitating, she lifted onto her toes, wrapped her arms around his neck, crushed her mouth against his, and…holy crap, what a kiss! Her pulse jumped, her head spun. A fire sparked deep inside her, and her breath caught at the passion winding through her. She didn’t know what she’d been expecting exactly, but not anything like this.
Before she melted into a puddle at his feet, she broke the kiss and gazed up at him. “Does that answer your question?”
A sexy grin curved his lips. “Yes, ma’am.”


Sandie White said...

I'm putting this down on my to read list...it sounds fantastic!

LJ Garland said...

Thank you, Sandie! Hope you enjoy it and thanks for commenting!

LJ Garland said...

Thanks so much for having us here, Kristi! What a lovely site. I cross stitch and do some needlepoint, too. Course, you'd never know because I give most all of it away to friends and family. I tell them I'm decorating their houses. LOL

Faith said...

Nicely written! :-D

Debbie Gould said...
This comment has been removed by the author.
Debbie Gould said...

Thanks so much for having us here today, and thanks Sandi and Faith for taking a look!!

Jessica Subject said...

Great excerpt! I'm looking forward to reading this story. Love the other books I've read from these authors! :)

LJ Garland said...

Thanks, Jessica! Hope you love this one, too! :)

Alexa said...

OMG, I HAVE to get this book! (And then I have to find time to read!!!) Every time I hear about it or read an excerpt, I love it!


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