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Saturday, January 4, 2014

What an Animal Reading Challenge

What an Animal Reading Challenge VII is being hosted by Socrates Book Reviews.

Basic Details:
Jan 1, 2014 - Dec 31, 2014

Books must have the following:
~There is an animal in the title.
~There is an animal on the cover.
~An animal plays a major role in the book.
~A main character is (or turns into) an animal (define that however you'd like)

The animal can be any type of animal (real or fictitious) - dog, cat, monkey, wolf, snake, insect, hedgehog, aardvark. . . dragon, mermaid, centaur, vampire, werewolf. . . you get the idea.

Crossovers are allowed.  Books can be any genre and any format. Reviews are not required, but there is a linky if you write one.

1 - Read up to 6 books
2 - Read 7 - 12 books
3 - Read 13+ books

I am going for level 1.

1 comment:

Yvonne said...

Welcome to the challenge! Looks like you are already off to a good start.


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