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Friday, March 21, 2014

Review: Lies by Oliver Dahl

Lies: Ann Putnam Jr.'s Recounting of the Salem Witch Trials
by Oliver Dahl
Genre: YA Historical Fiction

 Ann Putnam Jr., one of the leading accusers during the Salem Witch Trials (1692) knows that something is wrong. After a horrifying encounter with Tituba, her friends were cursed. Miraculously untouched by the effects of the witch, Ann acts bewitched as well, in an attempt to accuse and hang her friends' torturers. This tragic experience of guilt, abuse, power, and love gives a first-person view into the spine-chilling months where neighbor turned on neighbor at the word of a little girl.

My thoughts: At just over 70 pages, this novella was a quick read and gave an interesting twist to the story behind the Salem Witch Trials.

While it starts with the cast of characters that we all know - Abigail, Elizabeth, Ann and Tituba, Oliver portrays the origins behind some of Ann's accusations in a new light. While I think most people believe that these girls were all pretending for fun and attention that got out of hand, reading Lies gave me another perspective to think about - how it might not have been all about the girls, but how there might have been other adults who were really running the show. 

I enjoyed reading Lies and it was a quick escape from the present.  I would also like to offer that the author, Oliver Dahl is just 16 years old and this is the third book that he has written.  You can find out more about him at the following links:  Website / Blog / Twitter / Facebook. Follow the complete tour here

~I received a complimentary ecopy of Lies from the author in exchange for my unbiased review.~

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