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Saturday, September 21, 2019

Book Review: The Summer of Sunshine & Margot by Susan Mallery

Title: The Summer of Sunshine & Margot
Author: Susan Mallery

My review: This book was such a fun read! Two sisters, twins, very different in looks but not so different in their big hearts, how they care for others, and bad luck in the romance department. Margot is successful at what she does - though I don't know what to call it. She teaches people how to behave in situations where they may not have any experience - usually business-wise. Her new client is an older famous actress who has been known to be a little outrageous and is engaged to a diplomat from another country. Very much in love, she does not want to embarrass him at social engagements or worse yet, get him fired. She has a son, Alec, who has grown up successful himself, but unlike his mother, likes his world controlled and well-maintained.

The other sister, Sunshine, is a nanny that is always successful in connecting with the children she cares for, but tends to disappear from their lives when the new flavor of the month comes along - so she is not very reliable, and not successful in romance.  Her current client is a single dad Declan, with a young son Connor.  They hit it off very well as Sunshine is trying to change her ways.  

Two pretty sisters, two eligible single men, and of course love will be on the horizon.  There are some upsets and roadblocks and some humorous situations (gotta love Bianca - Alec's mom) and it is overall a very entertaining read.  Would be great for taking to the beach or on vacation.

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