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Friday, June 4, 2021

Book Review: A Cloud of Outrageous Blue by Vesper Stamper


Title: A Cloud of Outrageous Blue

Author: Vesper Stamper

Genre: Historical, YA, Fantasy

About the book: For fans of Fever 1793 comes the story of a young woman paving her own path and falling in love during the Great Plague of 1348, from the award-winning creator of What the Night Sings .

Edyth grew up in a quiet village with a loving family, before losing everything she holds dear in the blink of an eye. Suddenly sent to live in a priory and work with ancient texts, Edyth must come to terms with her new life and the gifts she discovers in herself. But outside the priory, something much worse is coming. With the reappearance of a boy from her past and the ominous Great Plague creeping closer and closer to the priory, it will be up to Edyth to rise above it all and save herself. (Goodreads)

My Thoughts: I really enjoyed this book, from the story, to the illustrations, to the slightly oversized book itself.  Though the setting was in a nunnery in 1348, the story just flowed very easily and was beautifully written.  Edyth has synesthesia, which enables her to "see" sounds as colors.  She tries to keep this ability hidden as people don't understand and think there is something wrong with her. Together with Mason, a boy from her village, they must uncover what her visions mean before the Plague destroys everything.  From the title, A Cloud of Outrageous Blue, I didn't think this story would be as dark as it got, but I still highly recommend it.  The author, Vesper Stamper, also did all the illustrations found in the book. 

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