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Wednesday, February 18, 2009

Library Loot 2-18-09

Went to the library last night with Hubby and Son - I always feel guilty getting books from the library because I have too many arcs to read right now! We needed to go to get my son some new books though, and I can't resist checking out a couple for myself!

Title: Bitten
Author: Kelley Armstrong

From the cover: Young, beautiful, and successful, Elena Michaels seems to have it all. Her happy, organized life follows a predictable pattern: filing stories for her job as a journalist, working out at the gym, living with her architect boyfriend, and lunching with her girlfriends from the office. And once a week, in the dead of night, she streaks through a downtown ravine, naked and furred, tearing at the throats of her animal prey.
Elena Michaels is a werewolf.
The man who made her one has been left behind, but his dark legacy has not. And though Elena struggles to maintain the normal life she's worked so hard to create, she cannot resist the call of the elite pack of werewolves from her past. Her feral instincts will lead her back to them and into a desperate war for survival that will test her own understanding of who, and what, she is.

Title: Lost Girls: A Sherry Moore Novel
Author: George D. Shuman
From the cover: In Lost Girls, bestselling author George D. Shuman's riveting new thriller, beautiful blind psychic Sherry Moore becomes embroiled in her most perilous and disturbing case to date and finds that the lives of hundreds of women hand in the balance.
Sherry Moore would do anything for her confidant and best friend, retired Admiral Garland Brigham. So when he suddenly asks her to assist a team of U.S. Navy SEALs in a daring high-altitude rescue on Mount McKinley, she doesn't hesitate and soon finds herself flying across the country to hang vertically off an Alaskan cliff, tethered to Captain Brian Metcalf. Sherry, renowned for her ability to see the last eighteen seconds of a deceased person's memory, takes the hand of a dead climber, hoping to ascertain the whereabouts of his missing climbing team. But what she sees leaves her with visions that will haunt her long past Alaska.
While rumors of slave girls being trafficked around the Caribbean have circulated for years, little credible evidence has been uncovered about these "lost girls." When detective inspector Rolly King George recovers the body of a young blond woman, naked except for a shocking tattoo branded onto her cheek, he knows she may hold he key to toppling this criminal underworld. Through delicate back-channel negotiations, Sherry arrives in Kingston, Jamaica, to see the deceased and finds that things are more complicated than she thought: the remains are of Jill Bishop, an American teenager last seen in a Santo Domingo marketplace.
Carol Bishop, relentless in her pursuit to find out how her daughter died, and Sherry, the distressing images from Mount McKinley still fresh in her memory, embark on a frantic hunt for clues from the Dominican Republic to the remote jungles of Haiti, racing against time to save others from Jill's fate. Along the way, Sherry must confront a legendary voodoo priest, who possesses abilities eerily similar to her own and take on a man whose depraved practices give new meaning to the word evil.

My son racked up some books though:

Shape Space

Sailor Boy Jig

Freight Train

Curious George and the Hot-Air Balloon

Curious George and the Dump Truck

Kipper's Toybox

Maisy's morning on the Farm

Sheep in a Jeep

Hoppity Skip Little Chick

The Bestest Mom

So go visit Eva at A Striped Armchair and let her know what you checked out this week!


Eva said...

Seems like you're a fan of the thrillers! Have fun with them. :D I understand the ARC guilt thing; that's why I'm not accepting any review copies this year!

samantha.1020 said...

These both sound good! Enjoy :)

Erika Powell said...

they both sound good. I also can't be in the library without getting something.

Staci said...

All of those sound great. I'm going to have to check those titles out!!


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