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Wednesday, February 4, 2009

The Valentine Edition by Robin Shope (Book Review)

Title: The Valentine Edition (2nd book in Turtle Creek Edition series)
Author: Robin Shope
Publisher: The Wild Rose Press
Available: Now
Genre: Christian/Romantic Fiction

First sentence: Jodi Williams sighed for the hundredth time as she waved goodbye to the Chicago skyline, catching the last of the city in her rearview mirror.
Robin Shope has done it again with The Valentine Edition(and I just love the cover!) It follows on the heels of The Christmas Edition which came out last fall (see my review here). We get to travel to Turtle Creek, Wisconsin and visit the Turtle Creek newspaper staff. In addition to Lucy, Joe and Ullila - we are introduced to Jodi - a new reporter from Chicago, Josh- the town's veterinarian, and Della - Josh's secretary/assistant.

On Jodi's first day in town, she stops to assist what appears to be an abandoned dog, just in time to see him get hit by a car! As luck would have it, the next vehicle by is the town vet, Josh. He helps her take the dog (which she names Cupid) to his office. Thankfully, he is not seriously hurt (Cupid - not Josh), but does need some recovery time. Well, actually Josh needs some recovery time also because he is instantly smitten with Jodi!

As the sparks fly, Jodi helps the Turtle Creek newspaper plan their first matchmaking Valentine's Day dance, Cupid continues to recover, and Della puts her "make Josh mine" plan into motion!

Can Jodi get over past heartbreaks to let Josh in? Can Josh stay strong and win Jodi over - or does Della get her man? You have to read The Valentine Edition to find out! Great read just in time for Valentine's Day! You can read the first chapter here!


Teddy Rose said...

Really nice review! I added the link to the ARC Challenge post.

I am thinking of adding another challenge to the ARC Challenge called The Overachievers. If you sign up for this you commit to reading a total of 24 books. What do yuou think?

Anonymous said...

This looks like a really good series...love to try it!


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