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Thursday, December 16, 2010

Goodnight Tweetheart by Teresa Medeiros (Book Review)

Title: Goodnight Tweetheart
Author: Teresa Medeiros
Publisher: Gallery Books

My synopsis: Abby is currently an author struggling to finish her second novel.  Her first one was picked as one of Oprah's book club books and ALMOST won a Pulitzer.  She is beginning to think that she has no other stories in her.

Her publicist thinks that she needs some exposure with her fans and so signs her up with a Twitter account.  Abby knows nothing about Twitter, but gives it a shot anyway.  She is amazed to see that she already has "followers." 

Another tweeter (?) recognizes that she is new to this world and so takes her under his wing (haha).  His name is Mark and he is a college  professor on sabbatical, traveling the world in search of the story for his great novel.  But how can either of them know if the other is telling them the truth? 

They get closer, learning more about each other through tweets.  Abby, who has trust issues, thinks that maybe this is someone she could trust.  Or she wonders, as does her friend Margo, if this is just another way for her to avoid living life. 

My thoughts:  I found this book to be very witty and often caught myself laughing out loud.  (Don't read in bed if your spouse is sleeping next to you!)  A lot of the book is told in tweets, and I didn't double check to see that they were 140 characters, but I am sure that they are. That would have been very tough!  It definitely had a twist that I didn't see and surprisingly I liked the ending.  Any more than that and I am afraid that I would give too much away.  Definitely a romance for the technological age!

~I received a complimentary copy of this book from Gallery Books in exchange for my review.~

Goodnight Tweetheart
Publisher/Publication Date: Gallery Books, Dec 14, 2010
ISBN: 978-1-4391-8815-6
240 pages


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