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Wednesday, December 22, 2010

Wonderful Win: The Book of Tomorrow by Cecelia Ahern

The Book of Tomorrow
by Cecelia Ahern
Harper Collins

Born into the lap of luxury, comfortable in the here and now, spoiled, tempestuous sixteen-year-old Tamara Goodwin has never had to look to tomorrow, until the abrupt death of her father irrevocably shakes her world.  Suddenly all that's left of Tamara's old life is a mountain of debt, and she and her mother are forced to move in with Tamara's uncle and aunt a million miles away from the world she knows.

In this tiny village in the Irish countryside, with no access to Facebook or Twitter, Tamara is lonely and bored -- her only diversion is a traveling library run by a cute local boy named Marcus.  There she finds a large leather-bound book with a gold clasp and padlock, but no author or name or title.  Intrigued, she pries the lock open.  And what she finds inside takes her breath away.

Tamara finds entries written in her handwriting and dated for the next day.  At first, she's skeptical.  But when the next day happens exactly as recorded, Tamara realizes she's found a way to solve mysteries that are seemingly out of her control, such as what is wrong with her mother and why her family won't let the local doctor examine her.  And why does her meek aunt Rosaleen rip the mail out of her hands, prevent her from seeing her mother, and evade questions about their mysterious neighbor?  Determined to find answers, Tamara learns that some pages are better left unturned and that, try as she might, she can't interfere with fate.

An edge-of-your-seat suspense novel told in Cecelia Ahern's signature style, The Book of Tomorrow is an utterly unique story about grief, loss, and how sometimes it takes tomorrow to get us through today.

About the author:  Cecelia Ahern is the author of the international bestsellers P.S. I Love You, which was adapted into a major motion picture starring Hilary Swant; Love, Rosie; If You Could See Me Now; There's no Place Like Here; Thanks for the Memories; and The Gift.  Her books are published in forty-six countries and have collectively sold more than 11 million copies.  The daughter of Ireland's former prime minister, she lives in Dublin, Ireland.

~I won a copy of this book from Harper Collins.  Watch for my review in late January.~

The Book of Tomorrow: A Novel
Publisher/Publication Date: Harper, Jan 25, 2011
ISBN: 978-0-06-170630-1
336 pages

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