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Saturday, March 3, 2012

February Challenge Update Page

Here is the monthly update for all my reading challenges:

Miscellaneous Challenges:
Excellence in Reading  - 2 books (off of list of 60)
Speculative Fiction Challenge - 3/6
New Author Challenge - 11/15
Read to Me Picture Book challenge  - 13/400

Library Centered Challenges:
Dewey Decimal Challenge 0/5
Non-Fiction (Non-Memoir) Challenge 0/5
Library Challenge 2/12
Around the Stacks Challenge 1/20 Genres

Location Specific Challenges:
Reading the Winter Olympics 2/15
Southern Literature Challenge 1/4
Where Are You Reading Challenge 10/50 states

Title and Cover Specific Challenges:
Antonym Reading Challenge
Find the Cover/Coversuch 9/17
Read Your Name Challenge 0/8
What's in a Name Challenge 2/6
Color Coded Reading Challenge 1/9
Rainbow Reading Challenge 2/12
A to Z Reading Challenge 12/26

Prizewinners or Lists Reading Challenges:
1001 Books to Read 1/5
Alex Awards Challenge 0/3
Reading the Awards 0/5
That's What You Think Challenge 1/6

Cozy, Mystery and Suspense Reading Challenges:
Cruisin Thru the Cozies 2/6
Cozy Mystery Challenge 2/6
Mystery and Suspense challenge 6/12

YA Reading Challenges:
YA Reading Challenge 3/12
YA Contemporary Challenge 1/?
YA Audiobook Challenge 0/12
Just Contemporary Reading Challenge 1/6
Completely Contemp Challenge 1/3

Dystopian and Paranormal challenges:
Vampire Reading Challenge 0/5
Paranormal Romance Reading Challenge 2/5
Paranormal (No Vamps) Reading Challenge 3/5
Witches and Witchcraft 0/5
Immortal Challenge 1/?
Dystopian Post-Apocalyptic 0/12
Read Dystopia Challenge 0/3
The Dystopia Challenge 0/5

Series Reading Challenges:
TV Addict Reading Challenge 0/4
1st in a Series Challenge 4/6
Welcome to Cedar Cove Challenge 0/12
The Dark Tower Reading Challenge 0/8
Stephani Plum Reading Challenge 1/?
Sookie Stackhouse Challenge 0/4
Rizzoli and Isles Reading Challenge 0/9
Kinsey Millhone Reading Challenge 0/?
Dean Koontz Reading Challenge 0/3

TBR Reading Challenges:
Mount TBR Challenge 1/12
Unread Book Challenge 2/?
TBR Pile Challenge 2/10
Read Your Own Books Challenge 1/5
Off the Shelf Challenge 2/5
Free Reads Challenge 13/5
Ebook Challenge 6/10
Ebook Reading Challenge 6/10
Books Won Challenge 0/3
ARC Reading Challenge (The Eclectic Bookshelf) 12/21
ARC Reading Challenge (So Many Precious Books) 12/24

Romance Reading Challenges:
Speculative Romance Challenge 2/6
Romantic Suspense Challenge 1/4
Romance Reading Challenge (Eclectic Bookshelf) 3/?
Romance Reading Challenge (the bookworm) 5/5
Reading Romances Challenge 5/?
Harlequin Silhoutte Reading Challenge 1/6

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