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Sunday, March 4, 2012

Frantic by Mike Dellosso (Book Review)

Title: Frantic
Author: Mike Dellosso
Publisher: Realms

About the Book: Can a deranged serial killer be stopped before it’s too late?

For gas station attendant Marny Toogood it’s just another day on the job when an urgent message from a young girl in the backseat of a car draws him into a daring rescue attempt. Now on the run with the girl and her brother, Marny begins to realize he must conquer his own past and surrender all to Christ.

As they face kidnapping, underground cults, and other evils, can Marny trust the simple faith of a child and stand his ground against a power so twisted?

My thoughts: This is a great thriller, and just when you think Marny, Esther and William are safe, an evil even worse appears!  

Marny is kind of a tragic hero.  All of his life, the people around him seem to die in somewhat freak accidents.  He feels he is cursed so doesn't really understand why he felt compelled to chase after this random girl who dropped a piece of paper at his work that implied she was in danger.  No sooner does he find where her assumed kidnapper (Gary) has taken her, when he is captured himself.  

Well, they manage to escape from Gary, but Marny soon discovers what Esther already knows.  Gary will do anything and everything necessary to keep William with him - including killing those he deems necessary.  Gary feels it is his mission from God to keep William safe.  He thinks William is a chosen child, all stemming from a tragedy that happened when he was just a boy.  

The story is told from the points of view of mainly Marny, Gary and Esther.  You learn each of their stories over the course of the book and learn what has molded each one of them to believe as they do in the present.  William has a child like faith in God and it is this faith that is able to sustain all of them at some point in the book.  His faith in God helped out with some miracles that happen over the course of the story.  

This was definitely a quick moving book, as a thriller should be.  There wasn't much "down-time" either for the reader or the characters!  There is a subtle message about faith, and I can imagine the non-believer being a little skeptical by the ending of the book, but to think what would be possible, if we all had the faith of a child.

~I received a complimentary copy of this book from Charisma House and First Wild Card Tours.~

To read the first chapter, please visit my First Wild Card Tour post.

Publisher/Publication Date: Realms, Feb 2012
ISBN: 978-1-61638-480-7
304 pages

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