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Monday, October 15, 2012

Blog Tour: Heaven Should Fall by Rebecca Coleman

Title: Heaven Should Fall
Author: Rebecca Coleman
Publisher: Harlequin/Mira

About the book: Alone since her mother's death, Jill Wagner wants to eat, sleep and breathe Cade Olmstead when he bursts upon her life -- golden, handsome and ambitious.  Even putting college on hold feels like a minor sacrifice when she discovers she's pregnant with Cade's baby.  But it won't be the last sacrifice she'll have to make.

Retreating to the Olmsteads' New England farm seems sensible, if not ideal: they'll regroup and welcome the baby, surrounded by Cade's family.  But the remote, ramshackle place already feels crowded.  Cade's mother tends to his ailing father, while Cade's pious sister, her bigoted husband and their rowdy sons overrun the house.  Only Cade's brother, Elias, a combat veteran with a damaged spirit, gives Jill an ally amidst the chaos, along with a glimpse into his disturbing childhood.  But his burden is heavy, and she alone cannot kindle his will to live.

The tragedy of Elias is like a killing frost, withering Cade in particular, transforming his idealism into bitterness and paranoia.  Taking solace in caring for her newborn son, Jill looks up to find her golden boy is gone.  In Cade's place is a deperate man willing to endanger them all in the name of vengeance. . . unless Jill can find a way out.

My thoughts: Rebecca Coleman has done it once again. She has taken what appears to be a normal college kids and a New England family and has laid them bare and shown us all their flaws.  The thing that I find amazing about her writing is how, when she writes about these flaws, she makes them appear seemingly normal.  The issues that are raised, in this case, most notably, the lack of assistance to returning soldiers, stay with you and resurface long after the book has ended.  

Cade has tried to keep Jill separated from his family, but circumstances no longer enable him to keep them separated.  The circumstances have actually thrown them all together on a New England farm.  Jill and Cade, along with Cade's sister Candy, her husband and three boys; his brother Elias, recently home from a tour in Afghanistan, and Cade's mom and dad.  Whew - talk about crowded!  And as I mentioned before, this isn't really a normal family.  

Cade's dad was once the meanest guy in the county - part of the reason Cade left and hadn't returned - but he has had a series of strokes which has mellowed him out some, but left him dependent on Leela, his wife.  Candy and Dodge are not your normal couple.  Candy very much fits her name, and Dodge, being much older, has always been able to take advantage of her to his benefit.  Cade, being back in this environment, also begins to be swayed by Dodge and his warped view of life.   Elias, suffering from PTSD, makes an unhealthy connection with Jill, which only adds to the tragedy.  

I loved The Kingdom of Heaven and this one is a close second to it.  If you are a fan of "happily ever after"  then I would have to tell you to avoid this book!  Of course, if you have a little bit of a sadistic bent that you allow out in your readings, then pick this one up next!

Please enjoy this excerpt as part of Book Trib's Blog Tour/Scavenger Hunt and check out their website to follow the whole tour! 

As Elias extracted himself from the hug and made his way out of the line, I watched him. He was shorter than Cade by a couple of inches, and stockier; his face offered none of the animation that lit Cade’s, but his blue eyes, like his brother’s, were piercing. His expression was more or less the same as the one he wore in the photo. When he looked at me I felt as if he had been watching me all this time, all these months I’d been with Cade, a witness to my secrets. I felt embarrassed when he shook my hand.

Heaven Should Fall
Publisher/Publication Date: Harlequin, Sept 2012
ISBN: 978-0-7783-1389-2
368 pages


bermudaonion said...

This sounds like a book everyone needs to read. I find the cover compelling and disturbing at the same time.

Laurie C said...

I reviewed this one, too. Cade's family is beyond dysfunctional! But everyone is (understandably) reluctant to interfere with the way people conduct their family lives, so from the outside you can't always be sure what is happening.


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