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Monday, October 22, 2012

It's Monday! What are you reading? (Oct 22, 2012)

What are you reading on Mondays is hosted by Sheila at One Person's Journey - You can hook up with the Mr. Linky there with your own post - but be sure and let me know what you are reading too! 
Wow, it was very liberating writing that sticky post last night.  I actually took a book to bed with me (my bathroom book - The Sisters Montclair) and finished it!  This was a review book, but I had long since missed the month it was supposed to be reviewed in.  It was just a good book and I really wanted to finish it.  But the point I was making is that it has been a REALLY long time since I have taken a book to bed with me to read!  And thinking about this post today, I realized that I am actually between books and it is such a load off to know I don't have to read anything if I don't want to! 
Now, I know that no one was standing over me making me accept review books, or even making me try to meet the deadlines but me, but I hated to let anyone down.  I am glad that I have been able to let that go for awhile.

So, let's see what I might read this week.  Oh, I take that back about not currently reading anything.  I am reading One Month to Live: Thirty Days to a No-Regrets Life by Kerry and Chris Shook (hmmm, wondering if this is what impacted me to take a break from review books. . . )
So on to the possibilities of what I might read this week:
I got pulled into a movie based on this book, Tomorrow, When the War Began a few weeks ago and was not able to finish watching it, so went in search of the book.  I have discovered it is the first in a series (and I like my series') so it is a definite possibility - that and the fact that I got it through our interlibrary loan system and it is due very soon!
Found is the third book in The Secrets of Crittenden County.  I have read the first two Missing and The Search - as you can see the second one is still waiting for a review.  I really want to find out who killed Perry and think it is going to be revealed in this book - I just hope I am not disappointed!
Normally I would not pick out such a thick book as The Passage to read, as I would be strapped for time - but the reading world is my oyster now!  I have heard different things about this one, and have included it here as I have heard it is kind of a horror story - and it being close to Halloween and all I figure you have to be reading one of those!   It is a library book as well though, and as Mr. Cronin has recently came out with book two - The Twelve, I have a feeling that there is a waiting list for this one so I might not be able to renew it.  We might be starting it now - and finishing it when I can check it out again!  Ohhh,  I see there is also a book three coming out in 2014 - The City of Mirrors.  Looks like I have plenty of time to get these read before then!
I still have a bathroom book, as sometimes it is the only sanctuary where I get five minutes of uninterrupted reading!  The book there this week, Man in the Blue Moon, was chosen due to it's proximity to the bathroom the last time I was in there - lol.  It was laying on the stairs next to the bathroom so I picked it up and headed in! 
I am still going to keep my list of books needing to be reviewed as this is more for me than it is for you. What better place to keep track of it than here?   I must say though, that this post was a lot more fun to write today than usual - Talk to you all soon!


Books read and needing to be reviewed:
The Goddess Test by Aimee Carter
Goddess Interrupted by Aimee Carter
The Search by Shelley Shepard Gray

Until next week ----  Ready - Set - Read!


Rinn said...

The Passage is a great book! Although it's a horror story of sorts, it's much more character driven, so it's different in that respect.
I'm also reading Goddess Interrupted! =)

dollycas aka Lori said...

I have been backing off review books a bit as well. I hope you headaches disappear and reading for fun helps.

Keeping you in my prayers.

bermudaonion said...

I plan to start The Man in the Blue Moon soon too.

Tanya Patrice said...

There's nothing like reading with no schedule! I hope to read The Passage too, although I might wait until closer to when the 3rd book is going to come out.

Tanya Patrice


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