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Sunday, January 3, 2016

Let's Talk Book Challenges

The start of the year always brings with it a myriad of challenges across the book blogger world -- and who doesn't like a challenge?

I always start out all gung-ho (do they still say  gung-ho?) and sign up for lots of challenges, because of course, crossovers are allowed, so why not go for them all?  This momentum lasts for a couple of months during a good year, starts to wane around March, sometimes with an upsurge in June and by September -- fuggedaboutit!

So this year I decided that I would be more choosey in the challenges that I signed up for.  I scrolled through the list at A Novel Challenge and with a very discerning eye began to make a list of those that I would like to participate in this year.  I told myself that I was not going to over do it.  I.Was.Not.Going.To.Over.Do.It.  Well, I completed the list and counted them up. . . and. .. I HAVE 2 MORE CHALLENGES THAN I DID LAST YEAR!!!  OMG!

So prepare yourself for a barrage of blog posts over the next week, as they will each get a mention here as a place to keep my list of books that I complete for each challenge.  For as Barney says:  


Unknown said...

I know what you mean! I felt I hadn't done very well for my challenges this past year, so for now I only signed up for three (popsugar, TBRs, and the Full House one). I'm SO tempted to do more, but I think just those should be enough for me, based on my poor track record!

bermudaonion said...

Have fun with the challenges!

Vicki said...

I decided to cut way back on accepting books for reviews/tours, so thought I'd join some challenges. I joined 20. Wow! But like you said, most allow crossovers, so why not? And if I don't complete them all, big whoop! (do they still say that?) :)

Good luck on your challenges!

miki said...

i also wanted to do less challenge and since several i did were cancelled by their host it seemed to be in a good way for that objective...safe that i found two new ones and couldn't resist...oh the need to stay motivated andthe hope to win more books... can't resist

Jamie Ghione said...

Hi, I'm doing a lot of the same challenges as you are, and I'm also hosting one for the first time. Let me know if you are interested:


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