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Sunday, December 21, 2008

2009 ARC Reading Challenge

Now through December 31, 2009

This is a year long challenge.
Complete rules are listed at Teddyrose's blog. Thanks Teddyrose for hosting!
Here are my current ARC's - or ones that I am expecting soon:
  1. This Side of Heaven - Karen Kingsbury (First Wild Card Tours)
  2. The Kingmaking - Helen Hollick - (Sourcebook Publishers)
  3. Lady Anne and the Howl in the Dark - Donna Lea Simpson (Sourcebook Publishers)
  4. An Offer You Can't Refuse - Jill Mansell (Sourcebook Publishers)
  5. Age Before Beauty - Virginia Smith (First Wild Card Tours)
  6. Scream - Mike Dellosso (First Wild Card Tours)
  7. Spring of Candy Apples - Debbie Viguie (First Wild Card Tour)
  8. Kiss - Ted Dekker (Thomas Nelson )
  9. Fatal Illusions - Adam Blumer (First Wild Card Tour)
  10. The Lost Hours - Karen White (Pump up Your Book Tour)
  11. So Not Happening - Jenny B. Jones (First Wild Card Tour)
  12. Dear Mom - Melody Carlson (Random House)
  13. Mama's Got a Fake I.D. - Caryn Dahlstrand Rivedeneira (Random House)
  14. Madewell Brown - Rick Collignon (Unbridled Books)
  15. Always Watching - Brandilyn and Amberly Collins (First Wild Card Tour)
  16. The Lake That Stole Children - Glenn Clark Douglas (Bostick Communications)
  17. The Four Corners of the Sky - Michael Malone (Sourcebooks)
  18. Frenchman's Creek - Daphne du Marier (Sourcebooks)
  19. Why Shoot a Butler - Georgette Heyer (Sourcebooks)
  20. A Girl's Guide to Modern European Philosopy - Charlotte Grieg
  21. The Convenient Marriage - Georgette Heyer (Sourcebooks)
  22. Living a Charmed Live - Victoria Moran
  23. Miranda's Big Mistake - Jill Mansell (Sourcebooks)
  24. Nothing But Trouble - Susan May Warren (First Wild Card Tour)
  25. Secrets to Happiness - Sarah Dunn (Hachette)
  26. Scared - Tom Davis (First Wild Card Tour)
  27. Beach Trip - Cathy Holton
  28. The King's Legacy - Jim Stovall (First Wild Card Tour)
  29. Talking to the Dead - Bonnie Grove (First Wild Card Tour)
  30. The Devlin Diaries - Christi Phillips (Pocket Books)
  31. How to Raise a Modern Day Joseph - Linda Massey Weddle (First Wild Card Tour)
  32. My Forbidden Desire - Carolyn Jewel (Hachette)
  33. Frederica - Georgette Heyer (Sourcebooks)
  34. Cousin Kate - Georgette Heyer (Sourcebooks)
  35. Critical Care - Candace Calvert (First Wildcard Tour)
  36. Knight of Desire


Teddy Rose said...

Thanks for joining the challenge Kristi! Lets hope it helps us get through our ARC's.

Anonymous said...

I signed up for this too. Looked like a great way to begin the new year!


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