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Friday, December 12, 2008

Friday Finds

This is my first time posting about Friday Finds, but I have been keeping a list in a spreadsheet of those that look interesting. This week I am going to list those that I did not have the wisdom to keep the listing where I found them at - so, in no particular order:

A Secret History by Donna Tartt - I had this on reserve at our library, and just picked it up today - but I have no idea why.... We will have to see if it is good!

My Mother is a French Fry and Further Proof of my Fuzzed Up Life by Colleen Syder - This one sounded good, and my sister used to call me French Fry when we were growing up.. So it made me think that my kids could say My Mother is a French Fry..

The Humming of Numbers by Joni Sensel - Again, just sounded good, but do not know on whose recommendation - and I think it has a great cover!

And last but not least -

The House on Tradd Street by Karen White.

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