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Friday, December 5, 2008

Mystery in a Corner and Challenge Ornament

For you book bloggers, you will just have to bear with me, as I occasionally will be posting some needlework - and here is the first one! I have finished two designs by Gay Ann Rogers. The first one, Mystery in a Corner - she gave us a couple of options for the design (and we also picked our own colors) and for the Ornament - she gave us the design and left color and thread option completely up to us.
My mystery in a corner colors were picked by my daughter - she wanted something that would reflect Gryffindor's colors from Harry Potter (ok - so there is something here for the book bloggers!) Here is my finished piece:

For the ornament - I picked colors that I really love and my finished piece is here:

I really enjoyed being able to be free with my color choices, and in a lot of ways with my design choices. It has given me more confidence as a stitcher that I could also design something myself!

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Anonymous said...

Wow, you made these?! They're beautiful! I envy people who can craft. My own crochet and knitting projects doesn't always turn out the way I want them.

By the way, Kristi, I need your email for the book chat in January. Please email it to me at bettysbooks@gmail.com

The book chat is scheduled for January 10th, 8am GMT+08:00, please go to http://bettysbookchats.blogspot.com if you need to check the time at the top of the page.

Sorry for posting it here, Kristi, =) Please do let me have your email so I can contact you easily.

Thanks! =)


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