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Thursday, May 14, 2009

Blog Changes

First, I just wanted to thank everyone for their wonderful suggestions and support yesterday on my reading slump. I am not out of it and still fighting the headache, but I have an appointment tomorrow with a ENT so hopefully that will help! (the headache - not the reading slump. . .)

Has anybody noticed my blog changes? (Thanks Teddyrose for liking the new header!) I am trying to get the header smaller but haven't had any luck! I have also added tabs across the top to try to clean up my sidebars and have a label cloud now. Are there suggestions for any other changes? And can anyone tell me how to create a favicon?

As summer approaches I am going to have less time to post as I will have my munchkins around a lot more, so I thought that I would try to get away from doing the weekly memes and just post when I had the chance. I want to try to spotlight the ARCs or other books as I get them and not just once a week - so I am looking for some catchy names - like maybe Tome Travelers for the used books I pick up. I need a name for the ARC post (maybe Arriving ARCs?) and for books I have won, etc. So come on, I know you are all creative! (and to entice you, there might even be a giveaway if I use your suggestion!)


Anonymous said...

I like the big header, if it were smaller we wouldn't get such good pictures of the beautiful needlework!

bermudaonion said...

I'm glad you're out of the reading slump and hope tomorrow's appointment goes well. I love your new header! Are you going to frame it or make a pillow or what?

Passages to the Past said...

Love the colors of the needlepoint! The only thing I would suggest is to somehow remove the date stamp, but other than that it's really pretty!

Kelly said...

I like the size of the header as well. It really shows all the detail that went into the piece, its beautiful!

Dang, I didn't know that I could do tabs on blogger! I've been wanting to add tabs, and thought I'd have to switch to wordpress to do so, and I'm too lazy to do that!

Natasha @ Maw Books said...

On how to add a favicon to your blog: http://bookblogs.ning.com/group/bloggingtips/forum/topics/how-to-add-a-favicon-to-your

Hope that helps!

BurtonBookReview said...

oooh Is that metallic thread in there? It has been a few years.. about 5 since I've dragged out my crossstitch stuff. I LOVED IT but then the first kid started getting into everything under the sun and I Didn't want cheez-doodled fingers all over my aida cloth! So it's been packed up, and now I have kid #2 who is worse then kid#1 as far as getting into stuff. The boy is alot more resourceful, very unfortunately! I love the header.. and they changes look good as well.
I am not sure as far as your catchy names.. did you want names for the Labels? or names for your own meme type thing??

Teddy Rose said...

I would love to do the tabs across thing at the top like you. I'm just not sure it it can be done with my template or not. I would love to figure it out!


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