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Friday, May 22, 2009

Friday Finds 5-22-2009

Here are my finds this week!

The Texicans by Nina Vida

It's 1843, San Antonio, the Republic of Texas. Mexican-born Aurelia Ruiz finds that she may have the power to heal-as well as to curse. She definitely has the power to attract men. Willie Barnett, a young Texas ranger, becomes infatuated with her. Her father sells her to him but insists on a wedding. To the other rangers such a marriage is anathema. When Barnett is killed by Native Americans, pregnant Aurelia finds shelter in a Comanche camp. Joseph Kimmel, a teacher in Independence, Missouri, and son of a Polish Jew, receives word of the death of his brother in San Antonio and sets off for Texas. On the way, his horse is stolen by a runaway slave. Rescued by Henry Castro, who is importing immigrants to populate his planned city, Joseph agrees to marry an Alsatian girl to save her from the Comanches, and they go forth to start their own ranch. Then Joseph meets and is enthralled by Aurelia. When the Texas rangers hear of the Kimmel ranch, where runaway slaves and a Mexican woman live as equals with the owner and his wife, they lynch the black men and kidnap the women and children. To his wife's consternation, Joseph cannot forget Aurelia.(from Barnes and Noble)

Unseen by Nancy Bush

She Woke Up With No Memories...

She wakes up in a hospital room...bruised...bloody...confused. She knows her name is Gemma La Porte—but that's all. She doesn't remember smashing her car. She doesn't remember anything from the last three days. But a policeman, Deputy Will Tanninger, is waiting for answers and wants to know if she's responsible for a fatal hit-and-run...

But Remembering Her Past Could Kill Her...

Hoping to restore her shattered memory, Gemma has no choice but to put her trust in Will. But if it turns out she's guilty of murder, he has no choice but to arrest her. Torn by her growing feelings for Will, and haunted by her shadowy past, Gemma is determined to learn the truth. But, in this case, the darkest truths are unknowable—and the deadliest enemies are unseen...(from Barnes and Noble)

The Texicans
Publisher/Publication Date: Soho Press/October 2006
ISBN-13: 9781569474341
304 pages

Publisher/Publication Date: Kensington Publishing Corp/April 2009
ISBN-13: 9781420103403
384 pages

What great books did you find this week?? Stop over at Should Be Reading and share yours!

1 comment:

jlshall said...

These both look interesting - especially The Texicans. My husband and I are from San Antonio and he's descended from one of the old Alsatian families, so I'm intrigued by this one. I'll have to look for a copy.


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