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Friday, July 3, 2009

Chunkster Challenge WrapUp

I kicked butt on this challenge - and considering I had chosen Mor-book-ly Obese - there was a lot of book booty to kick! I read 7 chunksters (over 450 pages - okay, Frederica only had 446 but I counted it anyway!) My favorite was probably Scream for Me or Miranda's Big Mistake - but at 668 pages, Holly's Inbox was probably the quickest!

  1. Scream for Me - Karen Rose -- 569 pages
  2. The Four Corners of the Sky - Michael Malone -- 544 pages
  3. Holly's Inbox - Holly Denham -- 668 pages
  4. The Kingmaking - Helen Hollick -- 563 pages
  5. The Stones - Eleanor Gustafson -- 593 pages
  6. Frederica - Georgette Heyer -- 446 pages
  7. Miranda's Big Mistake - Jill Mansell - 488 pages

Chunkster Challenge


Anonymous said...

Congratulations on the chunksters! They're doubly hard because it takes so long to feel the gratification of having finished yet another book!

Teddy Rose said...

Congrats Kristi! I completed this one as well but I may take it to the next level.


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