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Monday, July 20, 2009

Ravens by George Dawes Green (Blog tour and review)

Ravens by George Dawes Green

Publisher: Hachette Books

There is so much going on with this book right now I don't even know where to start. You might remember when I featured Ravens in a Waiting on Wednesday post way back in April. Or you might have caught the ARC Arrival post in June. Both of those posts gave a good description of the book, and so now, I am going to attempt to tell you how I felt about the book.

First sentence: Romeo was driving down from the Blue Ridge Mountains in the baffling twilight, going too fast, when a raccoon or possum ran in front of the car.

My thoughts: Honestly, this book was different than I thought it was going to be. It was much more character driven - I thought it would have more action. But I did like it. You really want to hate Shaw (and Romeo) when he takes the Boatwrights hostage - and with the way her manipulates Romeo to do all his dirty work. But he slowly begins to win the family over. While playing cards with Tara and her grandmother Nell, Tara begins to relax and actually flirt with Shaw. She tells herself that it is the only way that Nell will believe the whole lottery scam story that she is trying to sell. After winning over Nell and Tara, Shaw moves onto the rest of the family - and then to the public themselves. The community seems to fall in love with him at the press conference, seeking him out just to touch him and asking him to heal them. Shaw, of course, loves this attention and just basks in the glow.

Poor Romeo is just a puppet. He has been Shaw's friend since childhood - but it has not been a very healthy friendship. He worships Shaw in his own way and feels like he could do anything if it is what Shaw wants. He circles the town endlessly - just waiting for Shaw's signal that the Boatwrights are no longer cooperating and that he should kill whichever friend/family member he happens to be in close proximity to at the time. As he gets to know these people though, he doesn't know how he is going to be able to pull it off should he need to do it.

Ending is quite the twist and not one that I expected. Overall this is a good book and I would recommend it. Would have to give a warning though that it does contain foul language and has some sexual content.

Visit George Dawes Green
Listen to an excerpt of Ravens.

You have to watch this realistic trailer depicting the announcement of the winners of the lottery from Ravens. I found it pretty cool.

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Publisher/Publication Date: Hachette Books, July 15, 2009
ISBN: 978-0-446-53896-1
336 pages


bermudaonion said...

That's the first time I've seen that trailer and I love it! I thought the book was great!

Anna said...

I've heard good things about this one. I like character-driven novels, and these characters sound really interesting.

Diary of an Eccentric

Miriam Parker said...

Glad you liked this one! And thanks for posting the video! :)

cherdon said...

Thanks for such a thorough review and the warning re: sex & language. Sounds like an interesting read.

Barb said...

The book depicts how people and their relationships can be manipulated by other individuals. Our actions are not always what we believe them to be due to the interaction between beliefs/values and the influence of others. It sounds like a great book for character study.

bstilwell12 AT comcast Dot net

Sheila Deeth said...

Interesting. The book doesn't sound at all how I'd have imagined it. Would that make me the wrong or the right reader? I certainly like what you've written about it, and would be more likely to read after your review than after reading the blurb. Sounds interesting.

Shawna said...

Shawna Lewis

Nice review ;o)
It was short and sweet but to the point and that's the way I like them. I really like the book trailer you put e=with this review it really adds as a whole.

Cindy said...

I really appreciate your honest review. This book sounds like a good read to me. It would be interesting to see how the characters develop and how the whole plot plays out. I can certainly see where you could have a hatred for Shaw and his friend.



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