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Monday, July 13, 2009

Tamed by a Laird - New Giveaway Starts Today!

Hachette is giving away 5 copies of Tamed by a Laird by Amanda Scott - right here starting today!

National bestselling author Amanda Scott sweeps readers back to the turbulent fourteenth-century Scottish Borders, where valiant men and women risk everything for their land. Jenny Easdale is ready to accept her fate. She's agreed to marry a man she will never love - yet not before slipping away for one last adventure. Following a traveling minstrel troupe, she's whisked into a world of intoxicating freedom. Then, all too soon, she finds herself in danger - from a vengeful political plot against Scotland and from the man who has come to take her home. Dutybound to return with his brother's wayward bride, Sir High Douglas is not prepared for how her quick wit, courage, and laughing eyes touch his warrior heart. Now, as the merry minstrels play matchmaker and passion sparks between Hugh and Jenny, the conspiracy against Scotland builds...and threatens all they hold dear.

Here are some fun facts about the book - courtesy of Hachette:

1. During the 14th century, Englishwomen could inherit wealth but not titles. If no appropriate male heir existed (with the King generally defining “appropriate”) the King simply awarded the title and, often, the wealthy heiress daughter to a royal favorite. However, in Scotland, it had become almost commonplace for a daughter to inherit her father’s title if she had no brothers. With long-running unrest between the two countries (more than 200 years of it), particularly in the Borders, many Scotswomen became baronesses, even countesses, in their own right. For example, Robert the Bruce’s mother became Countess of Carrick in her own right when her father died, and Bruce inherited the Earldom of Carrick from her.

2. Jenny Easdale, a young baroness in her own right who runs away from her betrothal feast to enjoy one last adventure before marrying, is a woman one might describe as thoughtfully stubborn. Jenny rarely raises her voice, always agrees with her opposition in one way or another, and nearly always gets her own way—much to the consternation of those who expect to control her.

3. Sir Hugh Douglas is one of those so dismayed. A much-honored knight and warrior, Hugh is accustomed to seeing his every command obeyed…instantly. As head of his family, he certainly expects such obedience from young Jenny after her betrothal to his younger brother. However, Jenny has other ideas.

4. Medieval minstrels could go anywhere. Female minstrels, dancers, and gleewomen were common. Minstrel troupes followed armies in times of war and had access to both camps without interference. They thus gained admission to houses and castles without difficulty and even acted as spies. King Alfred of England (871-901) “assumed the character of a gleeman and entered the [enemy] camp, where he made such observations as were of infinite service.” Other such spies were equally successful.

5. Tamed by a Laird is the first book in my new trilogy. Seduced by a Rogue will follow it in January 2010. I have based all three books on fourteenth-century events described in an unpublished manuscript written by a Lady Maxwell in the mid-sixteenth century.

Visit Amanda Scott!

Tamed by a Laird
Publisher/Publication Date: Forever, July 2009
ISBN: 9780446541374
432 pages

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