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Friday, July 3, 2009

June Round Up of Books and a Peek at July

Where is the summer going??? I cannot believe it is July already and I don't have a sunburntan yet! Well I had a great June. I think not having a schedule with the kids being out of school - and staying up late at night to read really helped me.

I read 14 books in June for a whopping total of 5071 pages. My best so far. This brings me to 77 books for the year.

  1. Holly's Inbox - Holly Denham
  2. Living a Charmed Life - Victoria Moran
  3. Miranda's Big Mistake - Jill Mansell
  4. Nothing But Trouble - Susan May Warren
  5. Secrets to Happiness - Sarah Dunn
  6. Scared - Tom Davis
  7. Beach Trip - Cathy Holton
  8. The King's Legacy - Jim Stovall
  9. Talking to the Dead - Bonnie Grove
  10. The Devlin Diaries - Christi Phillips
  11. How To Raise a Modern Day Joseph - Linda Massey Weddle
  12. My Forbidden Desire - Carolyn Jewel
  13. Frederica - Georgette Heyer
  14. Cousin Kate - Georgette Heyer
My favorite this month was probably Scared by Tom Davis or Miranda's Big Mistake by Jill Mansell.

Least favorite was probably The King's Legacy - just like my least favorite last month - it was sort of a fable.

I wrapped up a whole bunch of challenges even though they weren't ending yet. I had read the amount of books and was tired of updating them!
Themed Reading Challenge
Chunkster Challenge
2009 Pub Challenge
Chick Lit Challenge
New Author Challenge
Read Your Name Challenge
Romance Reading Challenge

Challenges I didn't complete -
Unshelved Reading Challenge - I did not read one book for this so didn't even do a wrap up!
Daring Book For Girls - I decided to keep going with this one though and making it a perpetual challenge for me.

Here are my other challenges:

Numbers Challenge 2/5
The Countdown Challenge 29/45
Outlander Challenge 0/7
Genre Challenge 10/12
Whitcoull's Challenge 2/7
Series Challenge Season 3 3
9 Books from '09 7/9
100+ Reading Challenge 77/100
18th and 19th Century Women Writers 0/4
2009 ARC Reading Challenge 63
2009 Suspense and Thriller Reading Challenge 8/12
999 Challenge 49/81
A to Z Challenge (authors) 19/26
A to Z Challenge (titles) 18/26
Art History Reading Challenge 0/6
Audiobook Challenge 3/12
Celebrate the Author challenge 3/12
Centuries Reading Challenge 2/4
Colorful Reading Challenge 2/9
Daniel Defoe 0/2
Decades '09 3/9
Dewey's Books Reading Challenge 1/6
Harlequin/Silhoutte Challenge 0/5
John Steinbeck 0/2
Sarah Dessen 0/2
Science Book Challenge 1/3
Scott Westerfeld 0/2
Seconds Challenge 8/12
Serial Readers Challenge 10
Support Your Local Library 13/50
What's in a Name 5/6
World War II Challenge 0/5
YA Challenge 13/12
Young Readers 61/12

Perpetual Challenges
5 Under 35 0
Daring Book for Girls 4

Let's focus on July - I have some great giveaways going on right now!
Knight of Desire - 5 copies (ends July 10)
A Hint of Wicked - 5 copies (ends July 15)
How to Score - 5 copies (ends July 16)
One Scream Away - 5 copies (ends July 17)
Soul Survivor - 5 copies (ends July 20)
The Juror - audiobook - 3 copies (ends July 22)
Any Minute - audiobook - 3 copies (ends July 23)
Swimsuit - audiobook - 3 copies (ends July 24)

Upcoming giveaways for July
Off Season - Anne River Siddons
Blue Like Play Dough - Tricia Goyer
Love at First Flight - Marie Force

Interviews for July
July 10 - Marie Force - author of Love at First Flight
July 30 - Susan Chodakiewitz - author of Too Many Visitors for One Little House

Guest post
July 22 - T. Katz - author of Miss L'eau

Lots of books will be touring this month!
Knight of Desire - Margaret Mallory
One Scream Away - Kate Brady
The Castaways - Elin Hildebrand
Maire - Linda Windsor
A Promise for Breanna - Al and Joanna Lacy
Ravens - George Dawes Green
Me, Just Different - Stephanie Morrill
Blue Like Play Dough - Tricia Goyer

In addition to the above reviews - I will also be trying to fit these books in:
Conscience Point - Erica Abeel
Acne for Dummies - Dr. Herbert Goodheart
Last Light Over Carolina - Mary Alice Monroe
All We Ever Wanted Was Everything - Janelle Brown
Refuge -John & Bessie Gonleh w/Bruce Beakley
Miss L'eau- T. Katz
Hollywood is Like High School with Money - Zoey Dean
Too Many Visitors for One Little House - Susan Chodakiewitz
The Death of a Pope - Piers Paul Read
How to Train a Rock - Paul Steven Stone
Surviving a House Full of Whispers - Sharon Wallace
Confessions of a Trauma Junkie - Sherry Mayo
North From Calcutta- Duane Evans
Becky- Lenore Hart
Desperate Highway - Jesse Stretch
Lizzi and Fredl - Dr. William Stanford
The Blue Pen - Lisa Rusczyk
Off Season - Anne River Siddons

I also have some library books that I really want to get to this month! Hopefully you will be hearing about those because I will finish them and review them.

Happy 4th of July everyone!!!


rhapsodyinbooks said...

Looks like you have an amazingly ambitious month ahead! But a fun one!

ibeeeg said...

Wow! You are apart of many challenges. How do you keep track?
I am finishing up a few challenges and am thinking that I may join in a few more...not sure yet.

July looks like it will be a busy month of reading. I like your list. Look forward to reading what you think about the upcoming books.

Yvette Kelly said...

Boy oh boy how do you do it?Looks fun though but I would panic at just the thought.

Mo from Unmainstream Mom Reads said...

You did great in June :) July looks like it will be a busy month for you - I love how many interviews, book tours and giveaways you will be having!

Dar said...

Great month Kristi! Looks like you have big plans for July-hope you can do all you want to!


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