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Monday, July 6, 2009

Maire - Value Fiction "Grab Bag" Blog Tour

Touring this week is Maire by Linda Windsor
#1 - The Fires of Gleannmara Series

About the book: A fanciful, romantic tale of passion and faith that invites readers to the "God-graced mountains and plains" of Ireland. Maire, Gleannmara's warrior queen, finds her fierce heart is gentled when she takes a reformed mercenary-a Christian, no less-as hostage during a raid. At first she wonders what kind of God would make a fine warrior like Rowan of Emerys such a coward. But as she comes to know Rowan and witnesses the force of his beliefs, she learns that meekness and humility to the one true God are stronger than any blade of steel. And in the process, Maire discovers the transforming power of love and faith. (from Barnes and Noble website)

Watch for my review this week!

About the author: Linda Windsor is an award-winning author of nineteen historical and five contemporary novels who lives on the Eastern Shore of Maryland. A former professional singer, musician, and ABA writer, Linda gave her music and writing over to God with initial protest but without regret. She believes laughter is God's prescription for the tears of life, and the icing on the cake of faith.

Publisher/Publication Date: Multnomah, June 2009 (Paperback Reprint)
ISBN: 9781601422460
364 pages

Barnes & Noble


ibeeeg said...

I am intrigued by this book. I am going to put it on my TBR list.

I Heart Monster said...

picked this up for reading on our roadtrip for like five bucks at a walmart in salt lake. haven't red it yet though!


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