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Sunday, August 21, 2011

Dear Anonymous

I recently received this comment on a blog post which ended up in my spam mailbox -

Anonymous has left a new comment on your post "Mailbox Monday (Aug 22, 2011)":
I think you should stop spamming other people's blog with back links to your own. I already reported your blog to google as a spam and they are investigating. You can read this forum and see how other people are complaining about your abuse of "link to this post" on others' blogs.

So Dear Anonymous,

This is the way that I understand back links.  Evidently I follow your blog or have linked to your blog in someway on mine - whether it is in a sidebar or in an actual post or my blog roll. This is what creates the back link.  It is not a person, physically going to your blog and adding a link - although I do believe they can be added that way also.  Since you are "anonymous", I have no way of knowing whether you are on my blogroll or not.  The forum that you referred me to in your comment is from March of 2010 and I have no idea whether or not I was the "Needlepoint Lady" referred to in the forum. I am guessing that I am though as the person originating that forum had been in my blogroll.  If they would have taken the time to actually read my blog and not just the name, they would have seen that my blog is more about Books and Book Blogging than Needlepoint and as they were a writer, maybe would have liked knowing that they were in my blogroll.  (I have since removed them from my blogroll as it seemed to cause them issues). 

I do not have the time or the inclination to journey around the blogosphere and leave links randomly here and there, and I would never post a link on someone else's site without their permission first.  Blogging to me is a community, and whatever we can do to support one another is high up on my list.  If you would like to contact me at my email address - clearly listed in my profile - I would be more than happy to try to figure out why my links are showing up on your blog and remove that information from mine.

Meanwhile, if any of my readers understand the issue of backlinks, or can explain it better - please feel free to jump in here.

Now maybe I can get back to reading. . .


Unknown said...

Back links is an odd term to me. Most places use Referral links, showing what links are most used to access a site.

Clearly they don't use their blogs feature if they are on blogger/blogspot, since they are responsible for the back links showing on their own blog. Saw a several customizable settings for it when double checking that mine doesn't allow anonymous comments. There's a lot of nice ways to customize the blogs with knowing a big of css or coding, if folks look through all the settings available.

Michelle Stockard Miller said...

That's awful, Kristi! I wish I could help you with back links, but I have no idea about them either.

Yeah, you get back to reading and don't lose any sleep over people like this. Not worth it. =O)

joemmama said...

Ye Gods and little fishes...what crust! Forget about it and keep up the great work!

Beth(bookaholicmom) said...

I am no help as far as back links either. I think your blog is wonderful Kristi and I say just keep on doing what you are doing. Anonymous should have contacted you by email and addressed the situation.


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