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Tuesday, August 23, 2011

Tuesday Recap

Today was the first day of First Grade! It was all I could do to get him to stand still for this picture!

And I thought that even though it was a half day, that I would be able to get some reading done for the readathon this week.  Wrong! 

My middle daughter called from school.  She was dizzy, short of breath, tingly hands - so the school nurse sent her home and I had to take her to the doctor.  (This is the daughter who is pregnant).  After about 45 minutes at the doctors, she sent us on to the hospital for some additional lab work just to make sure she didn't have pre-eclampsia.  She is at high risk because of her age and because I had pre-eclampsia with her.  Thankfully everything came back fine and she was just told not to push herself like she might do if she wasn't pregnant.  (Maybe hearing it from someone other than mom it might sink in!)  So we were at the hospital for about 3-4 hours - my neighbor had to get my son off the bus and then my husband left work early to go home and get him.  So it is 9pm and I am just getting to sit down at the computer!  I did get a little reading done at the hospital, but not anything to write about!

But - I do have BIG NEWS!  I started work yesterday as the Library Aide at my son's school!  How cool is that??  It is only 12 hours a week, but it is going to be a lot of fun!  It should be approved by the school board tomorrow, but since the Superintendent introduced me at the all district staff meeting yesterday with the rest of the hires, I figured it was ok to announce it here now.   
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BrendaC said...

Will continue to pray that all continues to go well with your daughter, and congrats on the job, sounds like a fantastic job!

bermudaonion said...

It sounds like your day had its ups and downs. I'm glad to see it ended on the up side. You're going to be a fabulous library aide!

Beth(bookaholicmom) said...

What a day you had Kristi! I am glad your daughter is okay. Congratulations on your new job! Working in a library is a dream job for a book lover! Your son is adorable! He looks so happy to be going back to school. I hope the second day goes more smoothly for you!


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