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Wednesday, November 16, 2011

WoMen's Literary Cafe Authors Gratitude Blog Hop - Nov 16 -

That Little Voice
by Bonnie Trachtenberg

Although I don’t consider myself a religious person, I am quite spiritual and do believe in higher beings of love that listen to us when we pray. That’s why before going to sleep at night, after a long day of work, I take a few minutes to connect and show gratitude. I generally begin by thanking God for all the gifts in my life. The health, happiness, safety and longevity of my family, friends and pets come first. Then I pray for all the suffering in the world to end, from abused children and animals to war-torn communities to starving people around the globe. I ask God to please help enlighten the people who use religion as an excuse to hate instead of love, and to rip people apart instead of bringing them together. I also thank my loved ones who have passed, for I believe they have a hand in many of the good things that have come my way. And of course, if anyone I know is sick or in emotional distress or crisis, I say special prayers for them, too.

I’ve repeated this bedtime practice for many years, but I’ll never forget the night, when just after uttering my prayers, something wild and completely unexpected happened—someone answered! It was just a brief few words that I heard—a question actually—but it stunned me nonetheless. In my head, after once again directing my prayers at others, I heard a loving voice say, What about you, Bonnie?

I recall my eyes shooting open wide, wondering where it came from. It wasn’t my roommate, who was the only other occupant of the house, of that I was sure. So was it an angel? A passed loved one? My own evolved spirit? One thing was for sure, I knew it was not coming from my own thoughts. You see, I always thought prayer should be about others and about trying to better the world. I thought it was too selfish to pray for things I may have wanted, since unlike so many others, I had most of the things I needed. So where did this comment come from? There was only one answer that made sense to me. Some higher being was letting me know it was okay to wish for even more abundance.

From then on, I’ve added to my prayers things that would even more greatly enhance my life: a truly fulfilling job; a loving man to share my life with; true contentment and love—all of which have been answered. And when I was laid off from that fulfilling job a few years ago, I had a surprisingly good outlook. Probably because I felt it was God’s little kick in the side that I needed to finally finish the book I’d been writing sporadically for years. I did. In June of this year, Wedlocked: A Novel was finally published and I had no qualms about praying for its success. Amazingly, after four months of hard marketing, it actually hit Amazon’s bestseller lists, and as an added bonus, Wedlocked became an Award-Winning Finalist in its category for USA Book News’ “BEST BOOKS OF 2011”.

So this year, like every year, I’m thankful for all the usual things I cherish. But I’m also grateful that I listened to the little voice that startled me out of my prayers all those years ago. Until then, I had felt unworthy of such a wonderful dream—but now I realize somebody up there doesn’t think so and just wanted to let me know!

The WoMen's Literary Cafe Authors wish to thank all of the support we had on our recent book launch. As a thank you, three of you can win an ebook copy of “Wedlocked: A Novel”.  Just leave a comment telling what you are thankful for with your email address.  One entry per person - open worldwide!  TODAY ONLY!

About Wedlocked: On what should be the happiest day of her life, Rebecca Ross is panic stricken. Rebecca has just wed Craig Jacobs, but she realizes she put more thought into choosing her florist than she did in choosing the man she's just pledged to love for the rest of her life.

Before Craig, Rebecca, a talented Long Island girl, dreamed of following in her grandmother's footsteps with an acting career. Unfortunately, she was cut down to size by years of disappointment, and by her first love-a Hollywood director. She returned to Long Island a lost and broken woman, and ended up in the last place she ever wanted: her old bedroom at her parents' house.

But Rebecca's mother, an overzealous convert to Judaism, has a long held dream too: marry off her three daughters to Jewish men. So no one is more thrilled than her when Rebecca meets and marries bon vivant Craig Jacobs, the man who has won over the whole family. Too bad they're all about to discover that underneath his charismatic shell, this Prince Charming is anything but!

Bonnie Trachtenberg is the award-winning, bestselling author of Wedlocked: A Novel, a romantic comedy about a hilariously disastrous marriage. It is available in hardcover, paperback, and now for only 99 cents on Kindle and Nook. Bonnie was senior writer/copy chief at Book–of-the-Month Club. She lives on Long Island with her husband and a houseful of adorable pets. http://ning.it/ovIMiw

All of the blogs listed below are hosting wonderful authors on Nov 16th and are all having GIVEAWAYS!  Be sure to visit them all on Wednesday!


Lena said...

I am thankful for my mother. It may sound like a cliché, but this year I have really learned to appreciate what a wonderful person she is!

Patti P said...

I am thankful for my husband who I think is awesome and if I put up with what he does I would have left me! LOL

James said...

Bonnie, can I just say, we are all thankful for you. Thanks for all your work and support during the launch.

Isn't it great when God kicks you in the pants?

kathie said...

What a beautiful story--to hear God! You are blessed. I suppose we all just need to listen a little more closely to hear, right? Congratulations on the success of Wedlocked. I've already bought it (it's on my list!) but I wanted to say how great it is that you're doing so well.

Laurie Carlson said...

Hi Bonnie!
Beautiful post!
I am thankful for authors like you who write such wonderful books I get to read! I always write reviews on my books, as well, but the BEST part is reading and getting lost in the story itself! So I am thankful for the storytellers like you who take the time to write the down! Thank YOU!
Laurie Carlson
laurieisreading at gmail dot com

J. A. Bennett said...

Your book sounds fantastic! I loved your post :) author.jabennett (at) gmail . com

Kim Norris said...

I am thankful for my family, my ENTIRE family :) Without them I would have not made it to where (and who) I am today.
Kim Norris
norriskim (at) yahoo (dot) com

Kritter said...

I am thankful for the boy who is my partner in crime and my biggest fan!


Ananda said...

What a great story! And an inspiring one! Heard a lot of great comments about "Wedlocked" and I can't wait to read it! I really want to find out what happens to the main character when she discovers ON HER WEDDING DAY that she's about to make the biggest mistake of her life. This sounds like a very interesting book! And a fun too!

I am truly grateful for my family, especially my two angels, my son and my husband..My two stars that make me believe in miracles..For, they are the miracles in my life! I am deeply grateful for having them and receiving their love every day!

My e-mail address is:

Cristina said...

What a great and inspiring post. Congratulations on "Wedlocked" and all the success you're achieving with it.

Like you, I'm so very grateful for many people - friends, family and supportive online communities, such as WoMen's Literary Cafe. I've already learned much, and am happy to have chanced upon it.

My email is: mccreative08(at)gmail(dot)com

Catherine Lee said...

I'm thankful for authors and bloggers who host and/or provide giveaways!


Janet said...

I am thankful for all the wonderful blogging friends and authors I have met through WLC. Thank you!! janet(at)goingcrazywannago(dot)com

Sheila Deeth said...

I love this blog hop and its reminders to be thankful--I'm thankful like you for that still small voice that says God loves to give me good things too. And I'm thankful for my Mum who will boldly fly across the ocean to visit me (bringing Christmas joy) soon.

sheiladeeth at hotmail dot com

LizzieBeth said...

Beautiful post.

I'm thankful for my friends and family, as well as all the amazing authors that I've met via #sharethelove and all these social media sites. You've all been amazing!


Kari Boardman said...

Great post! I have already read the book, but I wanted to chime in anyway. Glad to be a part of a great blog hop!


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