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Sunday, November 6, 2011

Mailbox Monday (Nov 7, 2011)

 Mailbox Monday will be hosted in November at the Mailbox Monday blog.  In My Mailbox is hosted Sundays at The Story Siren. Please visit these posts and take a look at what packages everybody else got this week! 

I have some giveaways ending in the next couple of days with low low entries - so be sure to take a look at them - Three novella books Hold Me, Thrill Me and Entice Me, Destined by PC and Kristin Cast (ends today!),  Cloudburst by VC Andrews (ends tomorrow!).

The Space Between
by Brenna Yovanoff

Everything burns in Pandemonium -- a city in Hell made of chrome and steel, where there is no future and life is an expanse of froze time.  That's where Daphne lives.

The daughter of a demon and a fallen angel, she wonders what lies in store for her.  Will she become a soulless demon like her sisters?  Or follow in the footsteps of her brother Obie, whose life is devoted to saving lost souls on Earth?  All she wants is to find a place where she belongs.

When Obie saves a bleeding, broken boy named Truman from the brink of death and then suddenly goes missing, Daphne runs away to Earth to find him.  But on Earth, everything is colder and more terrifying, and Daphne struggles between her demon instincts and her growing -- yet achingly unfamiliar -- feelings for Truman.  As Daphne and Truman search for Obie, they must navigate the jealousies and alliances of the violent archangels who stand in their way.

But Daphne also discovers, unexpectedly, what it means to love and be human in a world where human is the hardest thing to be.

Dark Flame (The Immortals, Book 4)
by Alyson Noel

Ever is trying to help Haven make the transition into life as an immortal.  But with Haven drunk on her new powers and acting recklessly, she poses the ultimate threat -- exposing their secret world to the outside.  But Ever's struggle to keep the Immortals hidden only propels Haven closer to the enemy:  Roman and his evil companions.

At the same time, Ever delves deeper into dark magick to free Damen from Roman's power.  But when her spell backfires, it binds her to the one guy who's hell-bent on her destruction.  Now there's a strange, foreign pulse coursing through her, and no matter what she does, she can't stop thinking about Roman -- and longing for his touch.  As she struggles to resist the fiery attraction threatening to consume her, Roman is more than willing to take advantage of her weakened state . . . and Ever edges closer and closer to surrender. 

Frantic to break the spell before it's too late, Ever turns to Jude for help, risking everything she knows and loves to save herself -- and her future with Damen. . . 

What books came home to you this week?


Kaye said...

The Space Between showed up in my mailbox too. Have a great week and happy reading!

Mrs Q Book Addict said...

I haven't read these. Enjoy!

Brooke from The Bluestocking Guide said...

You're the second person who has had The Space in Between in your mailbox.

Here is mine

avisannschild said...

Can't say these appeal to me but I hope you enjoy them!

Tribute Books Mama said...

Nice mailbox, enjoy!


Mystica said...

Enjoy them all and have a good week.


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