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Monday, April 9, 2012

The Song Remains the Same by Allison Winn Scotch (Book Review)

Title: The Song Remains the Same
Author: Allison Winn Scotch
Publisher: G. P. Putnam

About the book: She's a wife, a sister, a daughter. . . but she remembers nothing.  Now she must ask herself who she is and choose which stories -- and storytellers -- to trust.

From the New York Times-bestselling author comes a novel that asks:  Who are we without our memories?  And how much of our future is defined by our past?

One of only two survivors of a plane crash, Nell Slattery wakes in the hospital with no memory of it -- or who she is, or was.  Now she must piece together both body and mind -- with the help of family and friends who all have their own agendas.  Her husband, Peter, is trying to erase his recent affair and pending divorce from their marital history.  Her mother is trying to sweep the real story of Nell's long-lost father under the rug.  And Rory, her sister and business partner, is trying to protect their volatile relationship with stories of her own.  Although Nell can't remember all that came before, wondering just doesn't sit right with their version of her history. . . 

Desperate for a key to unlock her past, Nell filters through photos, art, and music -- anything to puzzle together the woman she truly was.  The woman she is.  In the end, she will learn that forgiving betrayals small and large is the only true path to healing herself -- and to finding happiness.

My thoughts:  I am still trying to decide what to think of this book.  It was not one of those books that compelled me to read it, but I did anyway.  Where it didn't leave me breathless at the end, it did make me think about some things along the way.  

When Nell woke up after the crash, her mom and husband were by her bedside -- though she did not know that is who they were.  Anderson, the only other survivor and an actor, credits her with keeping him calm and saving him, but she remembers none of this either.  Slowly, her mom, husband and sister Rory start to tell her about her life, and she doesn't like the picture that is starting to emerge.  She imagines that she was fun and decisive and grabbed life by the horns, but instead finds out she was "beige" and nicknamed the Ice Queen.   She decides that is not who she wants to be again, and since she has a clean slate, and no memory of her past, why not be someone new?  

Anderson was probably my favorite character.  He was also trying to change his life after surviving the crash, but he also made no excuses for his behavior.  He was very protective of Nell, especially with the paparazzi.  He wasn't romantic with her, and didn't make advances, but was there whenever she needed him and even showed up with out her asking him too.  Where he could definitely be an a** with the opposite sex, with Nell he was very respectful and considerate.  

This book made me think though, if my slate were wiped clean tomorrow, who would I be?  Imagine, waking up with no memory of your childhood, or college (or your first marriage - lol)  How would that change you as a person?  What kind of resentments and grudges does a person harbor without even realizing it and how does that shadow your actions?  

So, I guess I would have to say that I did enjoy the book, because it did make me think about these questions.  Though it didn't help me get over my fear of flying any!

~I received a complimentary copy of this book from BookSparksPR in exchange for my review.~

Publisher/Publication Date: Putnam Adult, April 12, 2012
ISBN: 978-0-399-15758-5
320 pages

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bermudaonion said...

This book seems to be getting mixed reviews but I like the fact that it made you think.


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