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Monday, January 18, 2016

Read the Nobels Challenge

Simple concept - read a book authored by a Nobel Laureate.  This challenge is sponsored by Guiltless Reader @ Read the Nobels.  For a list of Laureates, see here.

  • Nobel dabbler: 1 to 3 books 
  • Nobel keener : 4 to 8 books 
  • Nobel enthusiast: 9 to 13 books 
  • Nobel devotee: 14 to 18 
  • Nobel zealot: More than 19

I am just going to be a dabbler this year.  

Read the Nobels 2016


Vicki said...

Good luck!

guiltless reader said...

Hi Kristi, I'm so glad you decided to join in! Have fun, and I'm curious to see what books you end up reading :)

abetterjulie said...

I'm also dabbling. Looking forward to seeing what everyone reads! @abetterjulie from www.persephoneknits.blogspot.com


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