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Friday, January 2, 2009

Gatekeepers by Robert Liparulo (Book 3 in Dreamhouse Kings series) - Book Review

Title: Gatekeepers (3rd book in the Dreamhouse Kings series)
Author: Robert Liparulo
Publisher: Thomas Nelson
Genre: YA fiction

First Sentence: Xander's words struck David's heart like a musket ball.

I am so very glad that I was able to read the first three books in this series so closely together. My only gripe is that I have to wait until July for Timescape - the 4th book in this series!

In Gatekeepers, we again join Xander, David, Toria and their father, Edward, in the search for their mother, G(ertrude). As they discover more rules about the portals, they also encounter more danger - both in their own world and the world behind the antechambers. Men - warriors - are now coming through the portals and are after the children! Come see how Xander, David and Toria fight off three of these men in the mysterious clearing in the woods - how they are able to fly out of the way of danger!

We also meet Jesse, a very elderly man who has a gift of "feeling" when history has been changed. He also has a link to the mysterious King house, as well as to the King family themselves. He is able to help the children with their knowledge of the portals - but will he have the time to share all of his secrets, or will "time" want him back.

The children may not be able to rescue their mother during this book - but come and find out who they do meet in the other worlds along the way. I guarantee you will not want to put it down!

See my other reviews for the first two books in the series: House of Dark Shadows and Watcher in the Woods.

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Teddy Rose said...

Really nice review! I added a link to it on The ARC Challenge post.


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