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Friday, January 30, 2009

New Classics Challenge Wrap Up!

Yeah! I finished this challenge! It ran from Aug 1, 2008 until Jan 31, 2009. Considering that as of the 1st of this year I had only read 1 of 6 books I didn't think I had a chance! Thanks to some great recommendations from the people over in the Yahoo group A Novel Challenge I succeeded!

I read the books The Handmaid's Tale, The Road, The Lovely Bones, Holes, The House on Mango Street and Black Water. My favorite out of this bunch was definitely The Road - I can't wait to see the movie! It was followed by both The Handmaid's Tale and The Lovely Bones. My least favorite was probably The House on Mango Street - but that is only because I don't care for short stories - this would be a good book for an English/literature class to study though. All of my reviews can be found here.

I am just going to continue doing my Happy Dance because I finished this challenge - I am going to try to get a giveaway up in the next couple of days - so be sure to check back!

Have a happy weekend!


Anna said...

Congrats on finishing the challenge! I enjoyed The Handmaid's Tale, The Road, and The Lovely Bones. You did a lot of reading in one month!

Diary of an Eccentric

Becca said...

I just gave you an award! If you'd like to pick it up, please come by my blog! :)

joanna said...

Congratulations! Glad you enjoyed it!


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