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Thursday, January 1, 2009

Watcher in the Woods by Robert Liparulo-(Book 2 in Dreamhouse King series)- (Book Review)

Title: Watcher in the Woods (book 2 of Dreamhouse Kings series)
Author: Robert Liparulo
Publisher: Thomas Nelson
Genre: YA

First sentence: At twelve years old, David King was too young to die.

Ok - how can you not want to keep reading with that first line. This was book 2 in the Dreamhouse King series, and it kept me as riveted as book 1 did (House of Dark Shadows - see my review here). I was able to devour this book in one day. In melded seamlessly with book 1, and as I have already started book 3 (look for my review tomorrow!) I can tell you that it was the same with it also.

Book 2 picks up with the King children and their father wondering how to go about searching for their mother - and if they find her - how to get her back. Now their mother has not just been kidnapped - she has been taken through one of the portals of the house into another world - the doorways to these worlds change, seemingly without rhyme or reason and in all worlds but one, danger is around every tree, bush, or building!

Since Edward and Gee (parents) have known each other, they have doodled a cartoon figure they called 'Bob'. Edward comes up with the plan that they would leave pictures of 'Bob' in all the worlds they visit, to let Gee know that they are looking for her. They leave the first picture in the one world that is peaceful - Edward carves it in a tree.

But lets not forget that the King family must also maintain an outward appearance of normalcy - this means going to work/school and making everyone believe their mom just went back to Pasadena to close up the sale of their old house. Add to that - David falling out of a "tree" and breaking his arm, being chased by bullies at school and a mysterious stranger trying to get them evicted from their house!

I was so glad that I had gotten the third book for First Wild Card Tours because that meant I could start it immediately! Can you tell I loved this book!


Cheryl Pitt said...

This sound interesting...at first I thought it as a book based on the Disney Movie with the same title.

Anonymous said...

I have the title listed again and the correct URL. If this happens again, just enter it again and tell me which # to delete. Stuff like this happens to me all the time...lol!

Lexie said...
This comment has been removed by the author.
Lexie said...

Since my other one was filled with typos (stupid keyboard):
I'm in the same boat as Cheryl, I thought it was the one based on the Disney movie! I'll have to look up this series.


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