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Sunday, April 19, 2009

Readathon - Hour 19

I am getting so sleepy. It is 1:30 AM here and I am tired! Not sure how much longer I am going to stay up. I have only read 2 books - The Lost Hours and The Girl She Used to Be for a total of 531 pages. I have really enjoyed the mini challenges and other stuff though. I also went out to dinner with my husband tonight and spent some time with my son this morning before he left for the day - I am already planning on doing things differently for the next challenge. The first thing being not staying up until 1am the night before the challenge starts!

Ok - potty break time, then pjs, then we will see if I am going to read some more!


♔ jessica.marie said...

Ah I did the same thing..... staying up late the night before really throws you off your game ;)

myza said...

Good luck!

Teddy Rose said...

Still sounds like you did well on the challenge Kristi.

Staying up late the night before probably wan't a good plan but I shouldn't talk since I stay up pretty late reading most nights. LOL!

Kailana said...

Good luck on lasting! It is not so long now!

Staci said...

You did a great job Kristi!! Next time I'm going to take a nap midway!!


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