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Tuesday, April 14, 2009

Where are you? 4-14-2009

I have just been in to meet with my pastor and my boss. He has "recommended" that I take a sabbatical with my family to let the press die down. See, I was shot in the chest by a parishioner who claimed that I had tried to rape her, when in actuality it was because I had rebuked her. My wife is struggling with believing that I was not having an affair. (Fatal Illusions by Adam Blumer)

Where is your reading taking you? Stop over at Adventure in Reading and share!


Tea said...

I'm reading "White Rose" by Amy Ephron. I'm in Cuba, a Cuban prison.

Margot said...

Interesting teaser. I must confess I spent more time looking at the new needlepoint piece than your teaser. It is so beautiful. You are quite talented. Thanks for sharing.


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