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Saturday, April 18, 2009

Readathon update Hour Six

It seems impossible that this is the beginning of hour six and I have only read 100 pages. I have been trying the mini challenges and watching you tube videos and visiting other blogs - but this has all been fun too! My husband is at the driving range, my daughters are at friends houses, and my son went to spend the night at his Aunt's house. She was so excited when she heard I was doing this and jumped all over the chance of getting to have him for the night!

Ok - update - It is noon here
Only 103 pages read this is about 7 chapters - reading from The Lost Hours by Karen White. This is a great book!

Food - one bagel, one banana, 3 pretzels sticks and a piece of chocolate! (Hoping my husband brings us something home for lunch!)

Drinks - one cup of coffee and a Wild Cherry Pepsi.

It is getting warm in the house, so I am thinking about moving outside to read!

Talk with you soon!


Eva said...

It's so easy to get distracted isn't it?! I had a bagel for breakfast-so yummy!

Sarah said...

I'm learning this readathon that page totals aren't the most important thing. You can worry about pages when you don't have all these mini challenges and other people's blogs to read! This is supposed to be fun, not just about finishing a book. Keep having lots of fun :)

Molly said...

I am anxious to hear how you enjoy this novel. I just heard of this author within the last couple of weeks and I am excited to try her works.

Enjoy yourself and have fun. You are doing GREAT!

Darlene said...

Not impossible at all. I'm right there with you today. I keep getting distracted at every turn. lol.


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