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Wednesday, June 17, 2009

ARC Arrival: Becky

Becky by Lenore Hart

Publisher: St. Martin's Press

This book's arrival was a surprise! I received it as part of the St. Martin's Press Reading Group Gold's Early Access and Sweepstakes program!

About the book: Becky Thatcher wants to set the record straight. She was never the weeping ninny Mark Twain made her out to be in his famous novel The Adventures of Tom Sawyer. She knew Samuel Clemens before he was "Mark Twain," when he was a wide-eyed dreamer who never got his facts straight. Yes, she was Tom's childhood sweetheart, but the true story of their love, and the dark secret that tore it apart, never made it into Twain's novel.

Though she's married Tom's cousin Sid Hopkins, Becky's never forgotten the maddening, sweet-talking, irresponsible boy who stole her heart as a little girl. As her life winds its way from the steamboats of the Mississippi to the rebel camps of the Ozarks to the gilded streets of San Francisco, Becky must grapple with ghosts of her past. Can she forgive herself, or be forgiven, for the lies she's told to the men she's loved? And when she is old, and Tom and Sid and Twain are only memories, whose shadow will lie beside her?

About the author: Lenore Hart is the author of Ordinary Springs, Waterwoman, and other novels. She teaches creative writing at Wilkes University in Pennsylvania and Old Dominion University in Virginia. She lives on the eastern shore of Virginia with her husband, novelist David Poyer, and their daughter.

Publisher/Publication Date: St. Martin's Press, March 2009
ISBN: 978-0-312-53965-8
400 pages

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