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Wednesday, June 24, 2009

Wonderful Win: The End of the Alphabet

The End of the Alphabet by CS Richardson

Publisher: Broadway Books

This is book 3 of the 6 books won from Kim at Page after Page.

About the book: Ambrose Zephyr is a contented man. He shares a book laden Victorian house with his loving wife, Zipper. He owns two suits, one of which he was married in. He is a courageous eater, save brussels sprouts. His knowledge of wine is vague and best defined as Napa, good; Australian, better; French, better still. Kir royale is his drink of occasion. For an Englishman he makes a poor cup of tea. He believes women are quantifiably wiser than men, and would never give Zipper the slightest reason to mistrust him or question his love. Zipper simply describes Ambrose as the only man she has ever loved. Without adjustment.

Then, just as he is turning fifty, Ambrose is told by his doctor that he has one month to live. Reeling from the news, he and Zipper embark on a whirlwind expedition to the places he has most loved or has always longed to visit, from A to Z. Amsterdam to Zanzibar. As they travel to Italian piazzas, Turkish baths, and other romantic destinations, all beautifully evoked by the author. Zipper struggles to deal with the grand unfairness of their circumstances as she buoys Ambrose with her gentle affection and humor. Meanwhile, Ambrose reflects on his life, one well lived, and comes to understand that death, like life, will be made bearable by the strength and grace of their devotion.

Richardson's lovely prose comes alive with an honesty and intensity that will leave you breathless and inspired by the simple beauty and power of love. The End of the Alphabet is a timeless, resonant exploration of the nature of love, loss, and life. (from the book jacket)

About the author: CS Richardson has worked in publishing for more than twenty years. He has received the Alcuin Award (Canada's highest honor for excellence in book design) several times, and lectures frequently on various facets of publishing, design, and communication. He lives in Toronto, Canada. (from the book jacket)

The End of the Alphabet
Publisher/Publication Date: Broadway Books, September 2008
ISBN: 978-0-7679-2763-5
128 pages


Rebecca :) said...

Sounds like a good one, Kristi. I am putting it on my TBR list. :)

Kerri said...

I read this a while back. It won't take you long to read, but it is really an amazing little story. Enjoy!


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