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Thursday, June 11, 2009

Miranda's Big Mistake by Jill Mansell (Book Review)

Title: miranda's big mistake
Author: Jill Mansell
Publisher/Publication Date

First sentence: It was the first day of April.

About the book: Even the worst mistake of your life can lead to true love in the end. . .

Miranda's track record with men is horrible. Her most recent catastrophe is Greg. he seems perfect - gorgeous, witty, exciting. And he and Miranda are in love. . . until Miranda discovers he left his wife when he found out she was pregnant.

With the help of her friends, Miranda plans the sweetest and most public revenge a heartbroken girl can get. But will Miranda learn from her mistake, or move on to the next perfect man and ignore the loveof her life waiting in the wings.
(from the book cover)

My thoughts: This was another fun read from Jill Mansell. Again, her cast of characters are so loveable that you want them to be your friends! Miranda's life seems to be a mess - but she is surrounded by many friends who love her and care about her - from her landlady Florence, her boss at the hair salon, Fenn and her best friend Bev. Even though she seems to have her share of bad luck when it comes to men, it seems that everyone who comes in contact with her is instantly taken in by her warm and giving personality.

Miranda befriends a homeless man who sits outside the salon - she gives him half her lunch whenever she sees him - and even goes so far to give him money for tea and a scarf and gloves. Of course, the gloves were left at the salon by a client, and after waiting weeks to take them and give them to this homeless man, the client phones up and wants them back! This sort of tells you how her life in general seems to go. How would you feel if you had to go back to a homeless man just minutes after giving him a warm pair of gloves and tell him that you needed them back?

After Miranda finishes with Greg, the soon-to-be ex-husband baby-daddy of her new flatmate, she decides that she is happy just as she is - until, of course, she catches the eye of a very handsome, very well-known race car driver. How fast can she fall for him?

I have really been enjoying Jill Mansell's books. If you missed my review of An Offer You Can't Refuse you should really go check it out too. I also did an interview with Jill Mansell - just click on her name. I am really excited to tell you she is going to have a fall release also - Millie's Fling! Watch for details.

Miranda's Big Mistake
Publisher/Publication Date: Sourcebooks, June 2009
ISBN: 9781402218323
488 pages


bermudaonion said...

I thought this book was a lot of fun too.

Jess said...

I have seen this book around the blogs and it looks like such a fun read. Thanks for the review.

ibeeeg said...

This book does sound like a good read. I will be putting it onto my TBR list.


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